PS Vita Sales Triple In Japan

[drop2]After last week’s horrendous PS Vita sales, it’s refreshing to see a turnaround over the current seven day cycle, with the figures tripled.

The last time we checked the Vita had moved just 4,000 units, but from the 12th to the 18th, that number has changed to just over 12,000.


This isn’t anything to do with new games – apart from Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation releasing there hasn’t been a mass of new software, and figures for Liberation point to just 24,000 units – rather the introduction of two new colours: red and blue.

This is likely to be a very temporary spike upwards, though – the colours are lovely but aren’t likely to translate into a long term sales climb unless we’re mistaken.

And whilst the numbers are positive this week, compared with the 3DS at 170,000 units the Vita seems like a drop in the ocean. Again, it’s going to be all about software, key games tailored for a specific market, that make the difference Sony desperately need.



  1. Maybe Plus and the cheaper bundles helped, no?

    • I think PS Plus on Vita has tempted a lot of PS3 owners that were sat on the fence. I still have faith in the Vita.

  2. Ah so that explains it – new colours? Like you said still not massive figures but I guess Sony will take any increase they can get!

  3. And ain’t persona 4 whatever it’s called that JRPG will also help

    • persona 4 been out in japan for over 5 months.

      It was just released this Tuesday in the US.

  4. Sony should release a “Monster Hunter Edition”. And force Capcom to get to work.

  5. Random aside: Is anyone else having trouble with fonts on the TSA? It looks a bit horrific today. Might be me fannying about but I don’t think so.

    • Text is a bit larger for me today for some reason – Noticed it earlier. Whether it is complete typeface overhaul, or just something going a bit squiffy however, is beyond me!

    • Yes, they’re on the case.

  6. 12,000 Vita units sold – 170,000 3DS units sold.

    Does anybody else find these figures mind blowing? I really want the Vita to succeed, but these figures must be causing bowel-trembling fear in the halls of SCE. Some games please, and quickly.

    • I find it mind-blowing, certainly. But that’s because the appeal of Nintendo has always baffled me.

      I owned an original GameBoy and a GameCube; neither ever really grabbed me; their systems are always under-powered, and I find most of Nintendo’s first-party stuff to be garbage.

      Plus, to my mind, they’ve pretty much lived on re-releasing the same few games over and over for decades, multiple times on each of their platforms, with the most noticeable difference being that they’ve stuck “Super” at the front or “64” or “3D” at the end of the name. I’m sure “Super Mario Ball Donkey Kart Melee: Pokemon vs. Pikmin 64 3D” can’t be far away… probably in development for Wii-U as I type.

      People keep lapping it up though, so I guess I’m in a minority!

      • I have to disagree I’m afraid. I generally really enjoy Nintendo’s first party titles and whilst I concede that they aren’t exactly afraid of iteration, Nintendo have really mastered the art and imagination that got me into gaming in the first place. Games like Zelda, Metroid and Super Mario can constantly delight me even though the essential game structure hasn’t changed for years.

        I find it more amazing that there’s that much apathy towards the Vita in Japan, surely a sign of a meagre (if growing and of higher than average quality) selection of titles. It confounds me that Sony have yet to even ANNOUNCE Vita versions of Metal Gear, Castlevania, Monster Hunter, InFamous, Ratchet and Clank etc when investment in these system selling franchise would surely boost the Vita’s fortunes.

      • Ehm…. Nintendos systems haven’t always been underpowered. Only the Wiis. The last two gens they’ve been more powerful than Sonys systems. And I found the Game Boy to be great! I also disagree that they keep making the same game as Nintendos first party titles are among the most innovative franchises.

      • Yup, the GameCube was massively more powerful than the PS2.

      • Lol, I love the Nintendo games but yeh they are rehashed stuff every generation.
        Really want a 3DS but only for Pokemon and Mario isn’t worth it.

      • I massively disagree that Nintendos first party titles are some of the most innovative around. They literally are rehashed again and again, but because the initial formula is a working one people do not care. Say if it was Uncharted 4 though, people would scream out and cry ‘Milking it, same old same old’ when the initial formula anyway is a working one. But for some reason Nintendo manage to avoid this flak from the majority of the Internet, despite releasing a ridiculous amount of their same old reliant first party titles.

  7. Sony just need to get a dulux colour chart and Vita will be saved!

    • As a shallow sounding customer base that infers, you might actually be right. Pinks would probably fly off the shelf as gopping as they might look! :P

  8. Ah, must be the Japanese buying all those copies of CoD Declassified then! ;)

  9. The advent of the PSN+ Game Collection should surely have an impact.

    I for one have added them to my download queue (even though I don’t have a Vita yet) & will certainly now be keeping my eyes peeled for a decently priced one with memory card, after Christmas.

  10. I’m surprised a little to be honest, after all they have a few more RPGs than we do plus the rest. I would have expected gaming to be similar to what it was with PSP in Japan, countless sales driven by JRPGs.

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