Rumour: Redesigned (Mini) Wii Out In Two Weeks

According to rumours, Nintendo are about to launch a new, mini Wii on December 7th.

“The information was part of an internal release schedule from a major retailer that at this time we are unable to disclose,” says Nintendo World Report.


The Wii Mini (as it’s apparently known) will come with a newly shrunk console, a sensor bar, Nunchuk and a Wii Remote Plus. This will be the Wii’s second redesign, and it’s already considerably smaller than anything else, so chances are it’ll be matchbox sized.

Presumably the GameCube functionality will remain missing.

If this is true it’ll bring further confusion to the Wii U launch, something that Nintendo really don’t want to be messing around with. Sony’s PSP is still outselling the Vita in Japan, gamers love cheaper tech that still has plenty of games.

We’ll see soon enough.



  1. Wouldn’t be the first time Nintendo have done it, remember the Gameboy Micro.

  2. Weird decision. It’s not like anybody is complaining about its size…

    • I don’t think size is the main reason here, properly more has to do with cutting down costs and at the same time bring out a “new model”, which always seems to boost sale a bit.

      A very small Wii mini for a low price could be interesting for some people, I know my parents would love one.

  3. you gotta think that this would only do nintendo any good if they price it right…. but yeah a very weird thing for them to do

  4. Yeah too right, I still love older tech and am still exploring PSP games…..on my vita admittedly but still.

  5. Weird timing, i would have expected this earlier in the Wii’s lifecycle – not just as they are trying to shift focus to their next console.

    • I would have thought there couldn’t have been a worse time to bring out a Wii Mini. I reckon they’re a year to late.

  6. I wonder if like Sony their still going to support the software post Wii-U? No sorry that stopped well before the life cycle end.

  7. This really grabbed me, I’ve only ever played wii sports but prefer the simple wii motion controls to Move, I might pick up a cheap and tiny wii just to see what the games are like! What’s that about GameCube functionality being missing though? My parents wii has the ports on the side, never used them but I assumed you just shove a GC game and a controller in and you’re away?

    • add a memory card and yeah, you’re good to go.

  8. Why a another Wii-make? Nintendo already remade it and took away Gamecube compatibility. Really pointless since the Wii will pretty much die next year. I think it’s to keep the Wii alive I guess.

  9. i wonder how many kids are gonna be disappointed come christmas morning and open up their presents and find a mini wii instead of a wii u.

  10. I’ll buy one for 14.99 that’s it no more?
    why the fuck would you want to buy a mini Wii?
    the Wii is sadly dead…bought the kids one and its just gathering dust on top of my v+ fact if i lift it up it looks like a snow drift lol

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