Community Chronicle: 25/11/12

I hope everyone got some good schwag from all those sales we’ve had over the last week. I ended up buying about 20 different colours of Kindle Fire HD cases, and I don’t even have a Kindle Fire HD!

What did you all buy? I’ve no doubt one or two of you grabbed a game on the cheap.

Anyway, it’s Chronicle time.

This week’s gaming set up was sent in by Forrest, one of our stalwarts of the community, creating a seemingly neverending stream of meets for you all to join! I’ll hand over to him to describe in fewer than a thousand words what you’re seeing in the pictures that follow:

So this is my pretty much standarder than standard set up – The bare essentials are there of course, being my beloved PS3, a TV to plug it into & an internet connection so that I can continue to put meets up for people to ignore!

It does what I need it to though, and sits in a room that is almost entirely dedicated to gaming, (my fortress of solitude if you will) so I am happy with it. Well, apart from the spaghetti junction that now exists behind the TV since the Virgin man came to install the HD box. They apparently do not make them anymore, but will still give you one for free if you subscribe to their TiVo service. Not sure how that works to be honest!

The HD box does get a bit of use when me and the missus are being a bit lazy and can’t be bothered to venture outside of the games room. Of course it gets nowhere near as much use as the TiVo downstairs, which is generally under the command of the wife. She loves that thing and I think if it could do DIY, I would be out on my ear! Underneath the HD box, you have the multi-region DVD player, which is required for some of the more obscure DVD choices I have in my collection.

I have gathered a couple of peripherals into the picture for good measure too, for no real reason other than to make it look a little more impressive than it does!

Then we come to the games – As you can see, I am not really short on choice right now. The horizontal picture is the whole shebang, whilst the vertical one is just the Pile of ShameTM. That’s right, I have not completed a single one of those games in the vertical picture. How dedicated am I?

About as dedicated as I am. There’s always something newer and shinier to start playing and stop half way through!

It kicked off a little bit this week as The Walking Dead’s fifth episode was released. Hidden underneath all the praise was a tense battle to be the first to get the Platinum trophy! First to claim their stamp was element666, but moments later McProley came along to report his own slightly faster finish. But that wasn’t the end of the matter, as BlackRedYellow had got to the teary ending just a little bit sooner. It feels like this one came down to who was able to download it quicker!

A similar mini-kerfuffle sprang up around Assassin’s Creed 3, where McProley laid down the marker first, but it was beaten by Samiro05 just a little bit later. Clearly it’s not McProley’s week! Samiro05, though, also set a blazingly fast record for Hitman: Absolution. I don’t we’ll see that one being overturned.

The last of the fastest actually came earliest in the week. Figure that one out. It was R1MJAW rounding out his LittleBigPlanet Karting Platinum first.

Nice, but it’s not all about the trophies fastest, but just about playing the games themselves! So when people are going back and playing older titles that’s lovely, as Blast71 has been doing with Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days, finishing it off this week. Similarly for theberzerka, finishing off the last few trophies on Sleeping Dogs.

When Crazy_Del’s about it’s very much a case of “lock up your daughters… and trophies too. Actually, mainly your trophies.” He’s a lean mean trophy hunting machine, and this week he’s been closing down the last few Need for Speed: Most Wanted trophies, hit level 50 on Crysis 2 multiplayer (maybe nabbing the Platinum at the same time?), and nearly finished Hell Yeah!

Oh, and apparently he gave Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed a “quick” go… He’s half way through the World Tour mode!

That’s almost your lot for this week. You can head over to page two for the Fastest Platinums leaderboards, but to finish off this page, we have the usual submission form for photos and accomplishments. Don’t be shy about it!

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  1. excellent selection of games forrest!

  2. I also got my borderlands trophy at the beginning of the week. :)

  3. Great collection Forrest, rather than “pile of shame” I prefer to label those games as the “work in progress” library section. Great to see your Phat silver PS2 on show at the ready, and I bet that Vice City isn’t too far away chomping at the bit either! ;)
    Props to all the fastest platinum guys, I think I’d be happy just to get a platinum these days, but keep getting distracted by the huge choice of new releases before committing to get the final few trophies of the previous game :P

    • Haha – I wondered if anyone would spot that lurking down in the corner! There were a few things that i deliberately chose not to mention (mainly as they weren’t worth mentioning, but also to see what the more observant of us managed to pick up on)! :)

      Truth is, that is in fact the wife’s PS2, as mine was sold (along with all the games) to assist with my PS3 purchase. So sadly for me, no Vice City.

      This is why a HD remaster is so greatly desired… Nay, NEEDED. ;)

    • Not to worry dude, I’m sure that one day we’ll get to see Vice re-mastered in HD for our console delight and that you’ll be able to own it forever….or until the black box melts. Meanwhile though, looking forward to some GTA V goodness Vice-esque!

      • From my point of view, they would be a little silly if they didn’t at least do one remaster & see how the tide went, as i am pretty sure that people would be jumping over each other to get at it.

        I know i would be & i can think of a fair few others that would be more than interested too.

        Of course with development on GTA 5 well under way, i doubt that they have the resources to put into something like that, but as we have seen with other HD collections, some other devs can do a decent job with bringing your product ‘up to date’.

  4. Why all the Kindle cases???

  5. Got my walking dead Plat 6 mins after RBY, if only I hadn’t had tea. :D
    Trying to get the PS all stars plat but probably won’t be first too much A level work getting in the way.

    • Tea is for the weak!! :P

      • You sir have made yourself a very powerful enemy today. I won’t rest untill your life is ended by my hand. :p

      • Careful BRY – Steve wants to masturbate you to death! :O

      • Damn right i do. I will trap him in a room whilst i hold a mass debate about a topic that is suitable for mass debation. And it will be long. May be hard at times and stop laughing!

      • Hah! I was of course joking, tea is glorious…..


  6. that pile of games, not alphabetised.
    how can anybody live like that. O_O

    nice collection though.

    what’s that plastic thing next to the joypad?
    oh right, it’s the U Draw pad.
    you bought that?

    well that accounts for like, a third of the sales, right? ^_^

    i can’t see me ever getting a fastest platinum, getting one at all would be an achievement, sorry, i mean trophy. ^_^

    what about a leaderboard for most trophies without getting a platinum?
    i could do well on that one. ^_^

    • Maybe one day…

    • I had one on there – Demon’s Souls, but someone came and took it away from me, damn you US releases! :(

    • @hazelam

      The alphabetisation is something that disturbs me, but space is more the issue in relation to that. You see, i started with just the rack (& you may have noticed that at least is still alphabetised), but the trouble is that my buying habits deemed the big horizontal pile next to it necessary & my playing habits (constantly swapping games) mean that it is next to impossible to keep it in alphabetical order for anything more than 5 minutes.

      Well, that & the fact that i have become very lazy in my old age! ;)

      As for the peripheral, you are absolutely correct in saying that it is the uDraw tablet – I quite fancied seeing if my drawing was still up to scratch (it isn’t) & for a tenner, i thought it was worth a shot. To be fair, its actually not too bad, just not worth the £70 (or whatever) that they were trying to charge for it!

  7. I almost have Allstar battle royals platinum & I only got the game yesterday. I just need someone play one game with me :( no one on my psn has the game

  8. Nice collection of games! You should never get bored lol

    This week the amazon black Friday sales have resulted in the hunger games trilogy (bought for second time) and spy hunter on Vita. Also a few printer cartridges. My money is dwindling short.

    • I bet your mum is going to be ecstatic when she gets printer ink for Christmas. :P

      • Haha! I’ve had subtle hints all year round that an ink cartridge was the present she wanted…

  9. Great setup Forrest, I’m glad I aren’t the only one with a stack of games which aren’t close to being finished. Will have to sort my own out for this

  10. Nice collection Forrest, i have a similar story with unfinished games – some games i can’t put down until i’ve completed them but many games get pushed aside in favour of a newer release….. ie so long AC3, hello Hitman Absolution.. Ah well, i figure i’ll have plenty of games to keep me busy whenever i retire.. :)

    • Yeah, i have always been pretty fickle in my gaming, often plumping for the next shiny thing that came along – But that actually changed for a short while this gen, due to the inclusion of trophies. I think i have completed more games this gen than any other & trophies actually play a large part in that.

      However, i have returned to form of recent (partly due to a mix of depression & boredom at work!) & in some months have even bought more than a game a week, which is pretty much complete madness to be fair! :)

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