FIFA 13’s Ultimate Team Goes Offline

Since yesterday evening FIFA 13’s Ultimate Team feature has been taken offline by EA in an attempt to fix certain bugs, the main being the trade pile and auction house problems.

Those problems occur when players buy items from the auction house but then cannot transfer the item to their team, leaving the item being useless. Another glitch, which I ran into, was when after successfully buying an item and transferring it to my team it would still appear in the trade pile with no way of getting rid of it. This glitch was more cosmetic than game-affecting though.


If you’ve been reading the last couple of What We Played features then you’ll know I’ve been complaining about the various problems encountered within FIFA 13, including match results not being registered by servers resulting in losses and coin deductions. There have been no notes on whether EA are also addressing this problem.

During this time the mobile companion app, the Web App, trading, auctioning and online play will be offline. There is no ETA on when Ultimate Team will be back up, with EA stating that they’ll keep players updated over the coming days.

Source: EA Forums.



  1. Lol, as soon as you post this article it’s all back online!

    • I was just going to post that I’ve just been on to claim my free pack an that it did say it was down for maintenance but it did work.

    • Sod’s law, that.

  2. I think this year’s football games are just fail.

    Especially that FIFA 13 in which players running like Speedy Gonzales. Unrealism at its best.

    • pes 13 has been alright, of course thats had a few issues with MLO.

    • I think your comment are just fail.

  3. Web app is still down for me

  4. I wish EA would test their games BEFORE they unleash them on the unsuspecting public.

    Any improvements are welcome though. Better late than never.

  5. I’ve hated Ultimate Team from the start, horrible little mode where the only point seems to be pushing DLC at people.

    Still, I know some of you guys enjoy it, so hope it comes back soon.

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