LIMBO And Vanquish Rumoured To Be Coming To PlayStation Plus

The solemn, moody LIMBO and the balls-out brilliant Vanquish are both rumoured to be heading to PlayStation Plus in Europe, as the next two titles to be included in the Instant Game Collection.

LIMBO is a side-on platform puzzler with absolutely bags of atmosphere, which saw an extended exclusive period on the Xbox 360 before finally appearing on the PlayStation 3. Vanquish is Platinum Games’ wonderful third person shooter which is absolutely worth playing.


The games were apparently outed in the latest issue of Empire magazine, although we can’t currently confirm the details 100%.

The games are expected to be announced soon, and there should be another title for the service in December. The Instant Game Collection forms part of the Plus subscription, where games are offered for no additional cost as long as you continue to subscribe.

Good choices?



  1. Glad I never got round to buying Limbo. Gotta love Plus! The devs will still get monies from me for all the DLC though

    • There is no DLC for Limbo.

      • My bad, Got mixed up with escape plan

    • I never tried either, although Vanquish is supposed to be a solid title.

  2. That would be sweet, want to play both and own none :)

  3. Looking forward to trying Vanquish. I’ve heard good things about it, but never got around to playing it. Shame that I already have Limbo and can’t trade it in, like I’ve done with the disc games I owned that appeared on PSplus. But good games nonetheless. I’m still amazed that PS have even done this kind of deal. If someone had suggested to me 2 years ago that they’d do this, I would have laughed in their face. How silly I would’ve felt.

  4. Vanquish is brilliant, got buried in a congested release pile-up a year or 2 ago… more people need to play it.

    • I agree I still got the copy need to do another playthrough (x) for the Platinum.

  5. The quality of Plus is unrelenting and undeniable

    • Yes, Plus rules! On the Vita, I’ve already 100% Chronovolt (apart from the flaw which requires a patch) and am enjoying Gravity Rush too. Uncharted and Mutant Blobs attack would have been awesome freebies, if I hadn’t already finished them long ago!

      Plus is the gift that continues to give and give!

      • Mutant blobs is a game i would never have looked at if not for plus. I thought i would download it try as it was free and i bloody love it. Brilliant game and plus is such a great idea and the value for money for vita and ps3 owners is amazing

  6. Hmm, i already have Vanquish, but Limbo may be worth activating my free trial for! :D

  7. Vanquish is excellent.

  8. Is Vanquish considered a AAA title?

    In last month’s heads up PS+ post they confirmed a AAA action/adventure title would come free in December.

  9. There are no details at all – the ad pretty much just explains Plus with the new “Put £40 down, be 45 games up” tagline, but Limbo and Vanquish are definitely there, in the top half of the graphic (from my subscriber copy of Empire):

    • What is the game under Vanquish?

      • Double Dragon Neon by the looks of it. It’s on page 83 if anyone wants to take a look :P

  10. since the integration with vita plus for the ps3 has gone down the shitter..
    how can vita users get uncharted and gravity rush both £30.00 or more and ps3 user get shitty limbo and vanquish bot of which you can pick up for a fiver???

    • Firstly they’re not shitty.

      Yes, they are cheap though.

      The dilution of PS3 content now that Vita content is included is something I’m watching out for closely.

      Depite being great value if you play all the games I’m still not sure what value I personally get out of it…
      Regardless of all these good games being thrown at me, I do little more than add them to my download list so that one day I can play them if I want.
      When the reality is there’s always something new out to play so I probably never will.
      Also if I’ve made the decision to not buy the game when it came out & then I later haven’t bought it when it was heavily reduced in price… what value is it to me to be given it anyway.

      Yes I know it all adds up to the best deal in gaming, it really is great, but its value to me is still up in the air… which if the titles drop from AAA to AA thanks to being diluted by Vita content then I’ll be weighing up renewal when it comes around.

      • so why not have two types of ps+ then one for vita and one for ps3..
        so basically my 40.00 is now supporting a games console that i do not and intend not to own?
        seems a bit weird if you ask me..

      • Yup

        but Sony’s marketing of the Vita is solely to sell to existing PS3 owners – this is just an extension of that.

        Which is great for them as a company, we’ll have to see how it does go for us end users not interested in picking up the Vita as it stands… for now though I’m still adding Vita content to my download list, because if the price ever does drop to make Vita attractive to me I’ll have an IGC for it.

        Lets be honest though the Vita PS+ will run out of games to include after a couple of months anyway, certainly run out of good ones. So it will be interesting to see how they get over that lack of content hurdle too.

    • You’re still getting just as many games as before, well infact you’re getting even more than promised when you signed up. Both Vanquish and Limbo were very well received here amongst other sites! Sounds to me you’re just jealous you don’t have a Vita.

      • Let alone that there’ll always be an update that doesn’t float your/my boat from time-to-time. I have Limbo. Played it, finished it (twice). However, Vanquish has my attention. Swings and roundabouts on the new stuff coming through.

      • if i wanted a vita i would go and get one..
        just never really floated my boat Matt, handheld gaming just not for me, done the psp thing and ds just never really got my juices flowing.

      • I’m sure the quality of Vita plus offerings will go down once Xmas has passed. At the moment I see it as a way to push sales for the Christmas rush. I also has a psp and 3ds but never used them more than a few hours. My vita however seems to be getting a fair amount of use.
        I am primarily a ps3 user but really don’t feel there has been such a big drop off in quality it has always been a bit hit and miss or subjective but this month seems pretty decent again to me.

      • I’m not interested in a Vita either. If the PS+ starts to take a noticeable dip in quality month-on-month then I’ll pull out of it. However, until now, all is good for me.

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