Batman: Arkham City For December’s PlayStation Plus Update

It looks like Batman: Arkham City is coming to PlayStation Plus next month, with the December update apparently landing on the 5th.


The news comes from – of all places – Hot UK Deals, via this Italian site – but it seems genuine enough to us, and confirms (if you will) our earlier story that LIMBO and Vanquish will be added to the service as part of the Instant Game Collection.

Other goodies highlighted by the post suggest a 20% discount on Ace Combat Assault Horizon, a 10% discount on F1 Race Stars, a 20% discount on Sorcery and a 20% discount on Tekken Tag Tournament 2, if the list is to be believed.

By all accounts Arkham City is a great game, so hopefully this turns out to be true. Obviously this is European news, no word on whether SCEA have secured the same title.

PS Vita titles to be confirmed.



  1. ive not played any 3 of those games. only problem is, i never played arkhum asylum.

    • You should be ok – I can’t recall any references back to Asylum in Arkham City. If there were, it wasn’t pivotal to the plot.

      • well, there is the condition of the Joker, that relates directly to events in the original and is a pretty central plot point throughout most of the game.

        but it shouldn’t spoil your enjoyment of the game, you don’t need to know the precise details.

  2. I have it on PC haven’t even played it enough, but it’ll probably be like 16gb so its bad news for me. Hate PS3 hard-drives……

    • it’s only one disc on xbox so it shouldn’t be that big.

  3. i had hoped this meant i’d be able to play the Catwoman content, but apparently that’s not included.

    kinda taken a lot of the joy out of the news for me.

    still, if you haven’t got the game, it is bloody fantastic.
    i’ll probably give the ps3 version a playthrough, still a great game, and a few more trophies never hurt. ^_^

    who knows, if they put the catwoman content on sale cheap enough i might even be tempted.
    i came close to buying it on the xbox.

    and there’s also Limbo and Vanquish next month too, Limbo’s a fantastic game by all accounts, and Vanquish looks pretty decent.

  4. LOVE IT.

  5. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to play all these games on PS+.

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