Mortal Kombat Added To PS Plus For Vita

Get Over Here! Decent enough scrapper added, but it's the two new PS Vita / PS3 titles that we're really excited about. Another great month.

Sony have added Mortal Kombat to the list of free games you get with your PlayStation Plus subscription on the PS Vita.

That’s in addition to the game we revealed this morning – Batman: Arkham City – for the PlayStation 3. Joining it will be Knytt Underground, a brand new game that’s a follow up the indie classic Knytt Stories, on both PS3 and PS Vita.

And Plus keeps on giving: on the 12th of December Plus subscribers will also get Big Sky Infinity, a brilliant looking shooter – that’s for both PS3 and PS Vita too.

So that’s Batman: Arkham City on the PS3, along with Limbo and Vanquish, on the 5th of December. On the 12th it’s Big Sky Infinity (for both), and then the week after is Mortal Kombat (for the Vita).

Knytt Underground (PS Vita and PS3) is on the 21st.

Crysis 2 will move out of rotation on the 5th along with Scott Pilgrim and Double Dragon Neon, so make sure you’ve downloaded them. Chronovolt vanishes from Plus on the 19th, and Mutant Blob Attack on the 21st.


  1. Honestly, PS+ is one of the best deals ever.

    Its funny isn’t it, the people who bitch and moan all day long about SCEE’s bad side never come and comment when they get something so right as PS+

  2. I nearly drooled over a college keyboard, so many games that I’ll be playing over Xmas.

  3. Out of interest I have recently joined plus and not managed to grab some of the IGC that is soon to be removed. If I purchase them and queue them up will I be able to finish the download after they are removed? Or do I need to fully download all the ones being removed?

    • Download queue is enough. You can download things later.

    • Yup, you dont even need to download it. just hit the download button then back out of it and it will have the purchased icon next to it and you will be able to find it in the download list in account management from the XMB

      • Thanks guys, so purchasing only is enough. Good to know.

  4. Sweet! I just wish it was given out today.

  5. PS+… Flawless Victory!

  6. Out off all the psvita fighting games they had to pick Mortal Kombat which is the one I own :(. It does not even have DLC so seems weird to pick that one. Anyway we have an awesome month ahead of us.Both for ps3 + and psvita + :)

  7. This is good news. I rented MK last holiday but didn’t finish it, glad I didn’t delete my game save file :)

  8. I need to gets me a bigger memory card pronto!

  9. whatever happened to that online multiplayer dlc for Scott Pilgrim anyway?

  10. Just when you think PS+ can’t get any better- it does. To top it off before the release of PS4 (or something similar), they release the big hitters like Mass Effect, Uncharted 1+2- next year then it just keeps going. Maybe a little greedy but maybe some film offers too….?

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