Mortal Kombat Added To PS Plus For Vita

Sony have added Mortal Kombat to the list of free games you get with your PlayStation Plus subscription on the PS Vita.


That’s in addition to the game we revealed this morning – Batman: Arkham City – for the PlayStation 3. Joining it will be Knytt Underground, a brand new game that’s a follow up the indie classic Knytt Stories, on both PS3 and PS Vita.

And Plus keeps on giving: on the 12th of December Plus subscribers will also get Big Sky Infinity, a brilliant looking shooter – that’s for both PS3 and PS Vita too.

So that’s Batman: Arkham City on the PS3, along with Limbo and Vanquish, on the 5th of December. On the 12th it’s Big Sky Infinity (for both), and then the week after is Mortal Kombat (for the Vita).

Knytt Underground (PS Vita and PS3) is on the 21st.

Crysis 2 will move out of rotation on the 5th along with Scott Pilgrim and Double Dragon Neon, so make sure you’ve downloaded them. Chronovolt vanishes from Plus on the 19th, and Mutant Blob Attack on the 21st.



  1. A decent game.

    Not as impressed with it as I was UMvC3, but I have regretted trading it in, so I’m glad to get it again.

    Once again, I love PS+.

    • UMvC3 was brilliant, shame I traded it to considering I thought Mortal Kombat was kind of lacking thanks to the stupid end boss…

  2. Not a fan of the genre so will probably give it a miss. Looking forward to the PS3 goodies.

  3. I’m no longer buying vita games F’ng Sony, every game I bought they just handing it for free, LBPV is next on the list next month, the month after resistance, the month after that MJ game the month after COD smh.

    At least now I can play MK online with some people :) big sky infinite looks like a velocity stardust rip off, kyntt stories looks good

    • You could always stop buying games and just enjoy PS+ but you won’t be in with the in-crowd if you do that. ;-)

    • Just buy PSP games they’ll never give them away ;)

  4. Oh man! Vanquish, Arkham City and Mortal kombat! Goddammit Sony, PS+ was a damn good idea.

  5. Oh Sony, Sony, Sony….. You just made me smile… I love you so much PS+
    (Don’t tell my wife)
    This is indeed fantastic as for the Vita I knew few of my friends were umming and aaahhhhing thinking Vita was bad move but now they are thinking of getting it for Christmas…… I told them you need to get PLUS or you won’t get them.
    He’s on his way to ASDA to get Plus voucher code xD
    Also Cambo is so going to love this and I finally have a Fighter to challenge! MORTAL KOMBAT *Cue the music*
    Fantastic and Sony are pulling all the stops and is beating Santa Clause.

  6. Aww man, I just bought this game!

  7. I have the ps3 version but really wanted the vita one too as I figured a fighting game is perfect for short bursts. Perfect Sony! Can’t make head nor tails of my Japanese mvsc3

  8. Fighting games aren’t really my thing so hopefully BIg Sky or Knytt will interest me.

  9. Not heard of ‘Big sky infinity’ or ‘Knytt’. Just had a look at a few screens. Both look like pretty decent portable games. :D No complaints here.

    • Ha! I just thought Taylor had had a massive heart attack and collapsed on his keyboard.

  10. Awesome, looks like i will have a decent collection of vita games before i even have it.

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