Bloomberg Says 2013 For Next-Gen Xbox, Likely Pre-Thanksgiving Release

Microsoft are set to release the follow-up to the Xbox 360 next year, probably in November, according to Bloomberg (via GAF), with “in time for the holidays” the obvious quote.

Bloomberg apparently spoke to several sources (given the use of the word ‘people’) but couldn’t identify who they were as “the product roadmap is confidential”.


And just like the recent rumours suggested Sony were doing, Microsoft haven’t yet decided whether it’s going to be a big E3 unveil or a separate event dedicated to the new console – according to one source anyway.

In the US at least it’s clear that there’s a need for the next generation to start sooner rather than later, with sales of software, hardware and accessories dropping 25% year on year, according to NPD Group. 2013 is the year Sony are likely to release the PS4, too.

The new Xbox is likely to focus on an upgraded, more accurate Kinect.

Microsoft declined to comment.



  1. I’d love if everyone waited until E3 to give us the most awesome E3 I can remember, but it’ll probably be ruined by either leaks or early announcements by then.

    But think of the DRAMA!!! :P

    • That’s what I’m hoping for. I want E3 to be grand again…

  2. I think it’s more likely we’ll have separate events before E3 to announce the consoles, and then E3 will focus on the games. That way they’ll maximise the exposure and hype of both the unveiling and E3.
    2013 is shaping up quite nicely!

  3. Didn’t someone predict that there will be only one new console in 2013? If Microsoft releases a new one in 2013 and Sony keeps their word that they will come out with one before Microsoft this time around, that person talked out of his ass. I really hope he did. :D

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