PlayStation Plus Currently 33% Off

Sony Europe’s 12 Deals Of Christmas kicked off this weekend, with the first deal being a nice big healthy discount on PlayStation Plus.

Anyone yet to sign up to the service, which grants Cloud storage for saves, discounts and – of course – the widely acclaimed Instant Game Collection (a pile of constantly changing free games to download) might want to take a look.


Plus is currently (until next Friday) just £7.99 for three months, rather than £11.99. That’s a third off, or – if you prefer – three months for the price of two.

PlayStation Plus can be bought from the PSN Store.



  1. Decent start to the offers, although it’s stunning some people’s reactions on the Playstation blog

  2. Nice start to the deals. Is this 33% off a year too or is it just 3 months?

    • Just 3 months but I believe it is still stackable

    • No but if you stack up (4 * 3 months) to a year it is 20% off. Which isn’t bad at all.

      • I think I’ll have some of that. I missed out on the last Plus money off as I thought it was just for newbies.

  3. Great deal, on a great deal.

  4. Argh just bought a yea sub a day before this offer.

  5. Bit slow with this news it’s been available since yesterday morning :0)

  6. This, a voucher code for a free month, and the recent addition of PS Vita content to it persuaded me to finally make the jump!

  7. Anyone know if this is stackable with the 90day free trial ? am liking the amount of games plus offers with this .

    Also why do you guys rave about uncharted on vita ? have been playing this over the weekend and i have found i to be dull as dishwater . Unit 13 is a far better game

    • It’s stackable, I bought it today and it added three months to my current sub. Checked before and after I bought it.

      • Thanks for that info dude, I think I’ll treat my recently renewed yearly subscription to a extra three month bonus stocking filler ;)

  8. Its a well timed offer too, your 3 month sub will cover 4 months of content with it being close to the change-over date.

  9. Might have to get this then. 6months of Plus wouldn;t go a miss.

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