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If we’re going to talk about MotorStorm RC this has to be said: I absolutely loved Micro Machines. It was one of the truly great arcade racing series. I mean the toys were pretty good to, I remember being jealous of my cousins because they had loads and one of the big ones that folded out to become a city, but it was really the games that I was absolutely hooked on.

It should be obvious then that MotorStorm RC fills me with equal parts excitement and dread. It’s hard to believe that anything can live up to the sheer joy and insanity of racing in Micro Machines, but it seems that MotorStorm comes close.

In our review of the game Alex marked the game as 9/10, so it certainly seems that Evolution have put together something fairly special. It’s clear that king of the game’s features, at least in Alex’s eyes, is the way it integrates times from other drivers into the races themselves. It’s probably best to let him explain just how it works:

What’s worthy of merit though, is how brilliantly the game integrates the progress of you, your friends and the next closest rival into the game, and the implementation is so simple you have to wonder why it’s never been done before: lines, three of them, populate each race, changing so the challenge is always there, your next target perpetually visible regardless of progress.

It’s instantly obvious that this system is something special, and Alex absolutely loved it. He called it “more immediate than the likes of Autolog and much more visual – lines can be perfected, short-cuts shared, friendships formed and shattered,” and stated that “Evolution have nailed this part of the game.”

This level of integration for times does come at a price, the lack of any full online multiplayer. Whilst this isn’t the end of the world, and certainly not something that would annoy me personally, for a racing title it does seem like an obvious item to include.

Alex also wasn’t overly impressed with the game graphically, saying that whilst “the tracks are detailed enough… the frame-rate can sometimes struggle to hold at thirty in busy races,” although it didn’t really disappoint either. However, he was quick to note that “none of that really matters with gameplay that’s so ridiculously refined to the point of near perfection,” which certainly seems like the right way round to make things.

Overall it’s more than fair to say that Alex was very happy with this Vita launch title, and it’s easy to see why. With well realised gameplay and a great leaderboard system there’s a lot to like in the game, but the question is, of course, whether or not you were sold on the game? Did you find as much to enjoy as Alex, or did you feel that it was a little flat in places? Did the lack of real-time online play irk you enough to disregard the game?

Whether you loved or hated the game you can share you thoughts on the game by dropping a comment below. All we ask if that you include a rating on the game using the Buy It, Plus It, Avoid It scale. Hopefully Buy It and Avoid It are obvious enough as categories, but Plus It means that the game is only worth picking up for free on a discount via PlayStation Plus. And remember, you’ve got until Sunday afternoon to get your opinion in if you want to be included in Monday’s verdict article.



  1. Buy it.

    For the price you are getting a hefty amount of content; something that isn’t 2D but actually a dimensional game with neat physics and clever little tracks that reminded me of Army Men RTS on PS2, cute look.

    Handy online features for those of us with unusual Internet connections or 3G and provided some competitive gaming. Nailing the times and the controls was very entertaining.

    Its actually one of those games that is perfect for the Vita, like the hardcore gaming version of an iPhone app with a suitable price (higher than phones because of experience) and more content (because that’s what people expect from a dedicated handheld)…. And you don’t spend £40. Incidentally I bought Ridge Racer for £7 and not much better than RC.

  2. Glad this was picked. I would have said buy it however after getting the platinum on Vita and trying to sync it with my ps3 it deleted around 10 hours of gameplay (all the time spent perfecting my lap times). I tried to get the fix from the developers. They tried one thing, it didn’t work and then I never heard from their support again. In this day and age I’ve played many games but this is one of the only game breaking bugs I’ve come across. I realise I’m in the minority but for this reason alone AVOID IT.

  3. When I first got it I thought it was brilliant but I got into other Vita games and haven’t been back since – but having now thought about it I might fire it up and give it another go.
    I would probably say Plus It, but as it’s pretty cheap in the first place I’d go for Buy It

  4. Buy it. Especially if you like your gaming in short bursts.

  5. A no brainer, this is a definite Buy It.
    The successful implementation of cross-save and cross-buy (game is more suited to the Vita in my opinion) plus the competitive leaderboards makes this a must have game. Oh, and it’s fun to play, if that matters :p

    This is the king of the quick-quirky-fun-challenging racers out there. Until a new Micro Machines comes out ^^

  6. Buy it. Good points : makes you remember when toys where awesome and good for shorts bursts
    Bad points : sometimes the controls are so infuriating that make you want to smash you Vita to pieces

  7. For those who have it the DLC DOUBLE PACK IS £3.19 right now on the store instead of £2.49 Each. Not a bad saving.

  8. Buy it.

    Made for and suits the Vita, and a bargain to boot. A similar game on an older handheld cost me lot more back in the day (RC Pro-am on the original Gameboy).

  9. Buy it. I have only played it on PS3 but once I had started I didn’t stop until I got the platinum. Enjoyed being able to play for 10 minutes and actually feeling like you were improving.

  10. Buy it; a great demonstration of the Vita’s superior (imo) controls over any console’s controller…ANY.

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