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If we’re going to talk about MotorStorm RC this has to be said: I absolutely loved Micro Machines. It was one of the truly great arcade racing series. I mean the toys were pretty good to, I remember being jealous of my cousins because they had loads and one of the big ones that folded out to become a city, but it was really the games that I was absolutely hooked on.

It should be obvious then that MotorStorm RC fills me with equal parts excitement and dread. It’s hard to believe that anything can live up to the sheer joy and insanity of racing in Micro Machines, but it seems that MotorStorm comes close.

In our review of the game Alex marked the game as 9/10, so it certainly seems that Evolution have put together something fairly special. It’s clear that king of the game’s features, at least in Alex’s eyes, is the way it integrates times from other drivers into the races themselves. It’s probably best to let him explain just how it works:

What’s worthy of merit though, is how brilliantly the game integrates the progress of you, your friends and the next closest rival into the game, and the implementation is so simple you have to wonder why it’s never been done before: lines, three of them, populate each race, changing so the challenge is always there, your next target perpetually visible regardless of progress.

It’s instantly obvious that this system is something special, and Alex absolutely loved it. He called it “more immediate than the likes of Autolog and much more visual – lines can be perfected, short-cuts shared, friendships formed and shattered,” and stated that “Evolution have nailed this part of the game.”

This level of integration for times does come at a price, the lack of any full online multiplayer. Whilst this isn’t the end of the world, and certainly not something that would annoy me personally, for a racing title it does seem like an obvious item to include.

Alex also wasn’t overly impressed with the game graphically, saying that whilst “the tracks are detailed enough… the frame-rate can sometimes struggle to hold at thirty in busy races,” although it didn’t really disappoint either. However, he was quick to note that “none of that really matters with gameplay that’s so ridiculously refined to the point of near perfection,” which certainly seems like the right way round to make things.

Overall it’s more than fair to say that Alex was very happy with this Vita launch title, and it’s easy to see why. With well realised gameplay and a great leaderboard system there’s a lot to like in the game, but the question is, of course, whether or not you were sold on the game? Did you find as much to enjoy as Alex, or did you feel that it was a little flat in places? Did the lack of real-time online play irk you enough to disregard the game?

Whether you loved or hated the game you can share you thoughts on the game by dropping a comment below. All we ask if that you include a rating on the game using the Buy It, Plus It, Avoid It scale. Hopefully Buy It and Avoid It are obvious enough as categories, but Plus It means that the game is only worth picking up for free on a discount via PlayStation Plus. And remember, you’ve got until Sunday afternoon to get your opinion in if you want to be included in Monday’s verdict article.



  1. Buy It

    I was a fan of Micro Machines on Sega MD & Generally on PC so this was an easy decision for me to make. It would be even better if you could make your own tracks (like in Generally on PC). Cheaper than a couple of pints at your local too.
    So like I said above…Buy It 5/5

  2. In terms of value for money, it’s probably the best game available on the PS3. Buy it.

  3. Buy It.
    This game is in many ways the ideal PS Vita game. The graphics are colourful and the physics are pitch-perfect. It is great for those on the go because it loads quickly and races are short. Apart from anything else it is incredibly addictive – you’ll always want to go back and improve your score to beat the next rival racing line that appears – and by being able to see the line, they can actually unwittingly give you tips to help perfect your laps. This is not to mention the free PS3 version you get. All-in-all, you get a lot of content for the price you pay, especially as now the DLC two-pack is now so cheap. I would have happily paid more for this game, that’s how great it is.

  4. As far as budget priced downloadable titles go, RC stands to reason as perhaps the finest. Top down racing at its finest with sessions ranging from a few hours to a few minutes- its appeal and enjoyment is there. Its a fine game with plenty of challenge, leaderboards and interactivity to please any racing fan from the dead serious Stig wannabe’s to the casual gamers. Its a cross purchase so 2 games for the price of 1 and x2 the amount of trophies.

    While I am particularly keen on the game its drawback is disappointing. The game when done seriously can take up to 8 hours including the DLC. I would have hoped for much more in the way of more events on both main game and DLC. Online multiplayer would have worked so brilliantly for this and would have kept most of the appeal alive for trophy whores or just gamers in general.

    Overall then I believe it to be particularly understated and underrated. Its very fun, enjoyable and fresh-one of the better games of this year especially in the Vita. Ultimately though it won’t last long which leaves a taste wanting for more. However as a downloadable title, it is really well worked and is one of the better cross games so far. Buy it-dirt cheap 2 games on 2 platforms and very fun.

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