Pikmin 3 Delayed

After nine years of waiting, Pikmin fans will be saddened to learn that the much anticipated third installment has slipped back a few months. In their latest Nintendo Direct conference, Satoru Shibata confirmed the game would now launch in Q2 2013, not Q1.


Arguably the only real highpoint in a lackluster E3 showing, Nintendo would have been wise to finish the game in time for the Wii U’s launch. Alas it didn’t happen and in truth, the demand for Wii Us currently outstrips the rate at which Nintendo can manufacture them, so it seems at least for now consumers are still eager to grab the system.

However post-launch software slumps are hardly alien to Nintendo, let’s just hope this delay really is just a few months.

Are you an early adopter, if so how do you feel about the news?



  1. Another reason to wait, so far the only game that interest me is Nintendoland. When a new 3D Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong and Mario Kart shows up, I’ll be counting pennies.

  2. I’m sure some wil be gutted but I’m not too fussed about the delay to be honest.
    Mario and ZombiU are likely to keep me busy until Xmas when I hope to pick up a cheap copy of Sonic/Sega Racing with any cash I receive.
    Lego City and Rayman are then scheduled for February and Monster Hunter the month after.
    Throw into the equation a few 360 games (Hitman, Tomb Raider, Bioshock) and its safe to say I wouldn’t pick up Pikmin3 day-one if it came out before April anyway, lol.

  3. Like Davey I’ve got more than enough to play for now – ZombiU is truly terrifying and should last ages, Mario is great, and then I’ve got Sonic Racing and Mass Effect 3 to work through too! (Plus anything my wife gets me for Christmas) A slight delay isn’t the worst thing in the world…

    • Have you restarted ZombiU at all? I’ve started the game from scratch three times now after making a hash of the safehouse defence section early on, wasting all my bullets, molotovs, etc. Finally got through it in one piece last night with most of my ammo still intact. Buckingham Palance here I come! :D

      • Currently I am creeping along like a snail (or running away) and still on my first character! I haven’t had masses of time to sink into it yet, though a couple of hours tonight are definitely on the cards.

        I genuinely don’t see what some reviewers felt when playing the game as it’s taut, unnerving and brutal – which all survival horrors should be surely? I fully expect to play the restart game like you though – I do the same in anything with perma-death (such as Fire Emblem).

      • With some of the reviews it felt like they went into it expecting Left4Dead 3 or Dead Island 2, i.e. something a bit more arcadey. Naturally, when they realised you get very limited firearms and each zombie takes several hits to kill, they wrote it off as a bad game.
        As you’ve no doubt seen, combat should always be a last resort in this game and the use of flares and a good pair of running shoes should always be your general approach to each room.
        With the volume up and the lights out this is survival horror at its absolute finest and exactly what I was hoping it to be :D

  4. Only reason worth buying a Wii U is because of this game.

    • Agree to disagree. There have been some great titles already and plenty more on the way. New features like Miiverse are also incredibly addictive

  5. Any reason/s given for the delay?

    Just curious if it’s to add more polish, bug fix, sort out online or something or….to go up again’st the launch of a new platform from say Sony or MS. (not that Nintendo would admit that was the reason, just speculating of course).

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