Friday Fun Missing Letters Quiz #3

We’ve gone back to missing letters for this week’s quiz. Lewis has provided the names of ten videogames, each with alternate letters missing. Fill in the blanks, pop in your answer and submit to join the quiz league.

We’ll do three more quizzes after this one, with the final one being on Friday the 21st and the results announced and PSN credit sent to the overall winner on Christmas Eve.

Update: Five people got a full 10/10 in this one, FalconRedux, Moshbag, Wonkey-willy, Celt20 and Samiro5. We’ve got a pack breaking away at the top of the leaderboard which currently looks like this:

  1. FalconRedux
  2. BrendanCalls
  3. Theberzerka
  4. Moshbag
  5. Takyu
[gravityforms id=9]


  1. Is there a mistake in the 7th one down????

    • I thought that too, but assumed I must’ve been reading it wrong

      There must be a mistake in no.4 too, there can be no other explanation as to why I cant get it ;-)

    • I was thinking that about the 5th one down?

      • yeah actually, i thought i had the 5th one but studying it now it doesnt fit with the pattern!

        So i think i have the 5th and 7th but it doesnt quite fit with the pattern here, and the others i am stuck on are number 2 and 4!

      • Oh yeah, my one for the 5th doesn’t fit properly either
        Dag nabbit!!!

      • Agreeing with the mistakes for the 5th and 7th ones, got what I think are the answers but they don’t quite fit. Stuck on numbers 4 and 6 at the moment!

    • Sorry guys, the typos are my fault. Sent them to Peter incorrect. I start seeing spaces and letters in my sleep and it all makes sense to me :) Pete’s fixed it though. Cheers, Peter!

      • Ha even with the mistakes we all rock. Extra points for entries in before the amendment :p

  2. just missing the 4th one down now plus the 2 that seem to be wrong! lol, is the 4th one entered wrong as well??!

  3. Got them all. Counting on the fact that 5 and 7 have slight typos. :)

    • grrr, still cant get number 4!

      • Me either, I sending me loopy

    • Given up on number 4 and just entered what I had. Convinced it must be a game I’ve never heard of!

      • Just done the same,

      • I’m looking forward to this guys. I wonder how close we all are points wise on the leader board.

      • I wasn’t able to enter the picture round cos I was in poland without internet for a week!

      • ps2 game buddy!

      • I starting to think you’re right wonkey. Although my answer involved a different answer that fits from a different console ;)

      • You are a naughty wonkey giving out clues to people…… wait… :P

  4. Sorry for the typos guys, I’ve corrected them in the clues and I’ll sort out any submissions that make allowances for them so they’re counted towards your scores.

    • Not a problem mate, it added to my enjoyment of it, while simultaneously destroying my work productivity…2 birds – 1 stone ;-)

    • Last week ‘a deepened mired rot’ was given as red dead redemption but there were too many e’s so I just didn’t answer.

      Got all of this week’s though. Shame I didn’t catch on to this Friday thing till last week.

  5. damn i just spent 40 minutes trying to work out number 4
    could of told me it’s a ps2 game….
    all done finally!

    • Just went through a list on Wikipedia to work out what the answer was… would never have gotten that in a million years! Oh well, pretty sure I got the rest of them

  6. I’ve gotten a headache now lol hope I’m right Mr B we are very close on the leader boards..

  7. Seems like I’ll be aiming to stay in the top five, I imagine that Falcon is probably too far ahead for me to catch. Glad to see that the competition is still relatively close though!

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