TSA’s Top 100 Most Anticipated Games of 2013: The Intro

Here we are again with TSA’s annual end-of-year look at the games we’re most excited about for next year. Each year, we compile a list of games with a reasonable chance of coming out in the next twelve months and then all of the staff votes on how eagerly they anticipate each one.

The list will start in earnest later today but for now, I just wanted to let you know it was coming and explain how we arrive at the Top 100.

It begins some time in November, usually with an email from Kris that says something like “Are we doing the Top 100 again this year?” That email thread invariably descends into Kris and I swearing a lot and stressing about how much still needs to be done for our yearly Christmas-period content.


We don’t like leaving the website empty over the holiday period but there’s no news and no games are released so we have to generate other interesting and/or fun stuff to entertain you – like the Top 100 list.

I then spend several days scouring the internet for news of games coming out next year. Usually, there are a good number that are fairly certain to make an appearance but there are also quite a few with vague “2013” dates. I also include anything that has been heavily and credibly rumoured, as well as one or two that are a long shot for a release within 12 months but we all retain hope. Once I have the initial list, I send it to staff and ask them to reply with any amendments or additions. Usually there are a few additions to be made or a couple of cancelled projects that slipped through the net of my initial compilation.

We catch almost everything in this round of checking but this year, one game did manage to evade both my initial compilation checks and the scrutiny of our entire staff. Bizarrely, it’s not a niche PC game or an indie 3DSWare title. It was Fuse, which I’d included twice on the list because I also had it under its original title of Overstrike.

Nobody caught the error until voting had begun and then several people spotted it all at once. So, when I collated the results, I took the score for both inclusions (which were incredibly close, as you’d expect), added them together and divided by 2 to find the mean. Then I awarded that score to Fuse and removed Overstrike from the list.

What about how we vote? Well, I built a form with all of the games listed. Each one had a drop down box where the staff could choose a number between 1 and 10, with 1 being no interest and 10 being maximum excitement. I then pulled the data from that form and ranked the games by their total score. Only a single game didn’t receive any interest whatsoever from any of our staff, a 3D dungeon crawler for the 3DS currently being localised by Atlas for a western release in early 2013: Etrian Odyssey IV.

So, now we have our top 100 and the list is with Kris, several members of staff will be delivering summaries of each game on chunks of that list over the coming weeks. We’re starting later today and we’ll be bounding rapidly through the first half so that we’re all caught up with the most exciting ones around Christmas.

We hope you’ll enjoy the series and let us know what you think of each selection in the comments.



  1. Guys, I love this feature. So much so that I stole it for a site dedicated to trophies when I was helping run it.

    Looking forward to seeing your results.

  2. I look forward to hearing about some fantastic sounding games I’d never heard of until before…

    Love this feature

    • Judging by previous years, #1 will no doubt be a game none of us have heard of… or Tomb Raider.

      • Last Guardian and Journey aren’t exactly games no-ones heard of.

      • An unannounced That Game Company game to be number one?

  3. Despite previous years number 1’s being kind of unexpected, I’m gonna go ahead and call either GTA V or The Last Of Us as the number 1.

  4. Good work!

  5. Looking forward to it!

  6. I don’t really post much, but I must say that I do love you’re Christmas-period content. It’s the time of year where uni and things are dwindling down so there is nothing better to read some great analysis on future games I’ve not heard of, but probably have an interest in!

    Will The Last Guardian make an appearance again this year? It must come out sometime soon….

    • Indeed. Thanks Peter and everyone involved in putting this feature together, it must be a gargantuan task to undertake but it is so greatly appreciated.

  7. Put FF VS XIII on the list…..go on…..I dare you

  8. Looking forward to it, I was wondering just the other day if we’d see it this year.

  9. Favourite series of the year. I’m guessing Tomb Raider, Last of Us and Beyond will feature highly. Might see Diggs Nightcrawler appear very high too and possibly Tearaway. I think Last Guardian may have taken a nose dive. Rain might be the PSN game to feature in the top 10, can’t think of anything announced by thatgamecompany.

    As a risky prediction I’m going for GTAV to not make the top 5, maybe not even the top 10.

    Not sure I can think off 30 games let alone 100 so I’m hoping for a few surprises to add to my 2013 list

    • hmmm, some of those predictions aren’t too bad actually :-P

  10. It’s good to see the list make a return, and I’ll make sure to disagree with just about everything this year too. :-P

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