GTA: San Andreas Apparently Out Next Week For PS3

Whilst Rockstar might well have pushed out the 10th Anniversary version of Grand Theft Auto Vice City this week, over on the PlayStation 3 it’s looking likely that the same publishers will be releasing San Andreas – in a matter of days.

Picked up by PSNStores, and taken from the Hong Kong PSN release dates page, the biggest Grand Theft Auto created looks almost certain to be appearing on a TV near you very soon.


It’s the PS2 version rather than any revamped, remixed HD re-release, but that shouldn’t really matter – San Andreas was a sprawling, often wonderful epic and, assuming it’s priced sensibly, unmissable despite the dated visuals.

The game is dated for the Hong Kong Store for the 12th of December, so expect it on the 11th in the US, and the day after here in Europe. Well, assuming we don’t get left behind, of course.

Now, can we get those Anniversary versions on Vita, please?



  1. San Andreas might be good, but as a classic Playstation game being released on the PSN this week it’s going to be overshadowed by the Spyro trilogy.

    Can’t wait to return to Insomniac’s 3 best games.

    • Wait, your going to play the 3 Resistance games? :)

      • Haha.

        Insomniac didn’t even make the best Resistance game (Bend did)!

      • Controversial, I’d have to disagree with that. Resistance 3 is the best in my opinion.

      • Haven’t played Retributions but surely the first Resistance is the best?!

      • I loved Retribution’s storyline, it was fantastic.

        The online was very good too, and it was one of the best looking games on PSP.

        My favourite from the series anyway, mainly because the story was so good.

    • “Overshadowed by Spyro…” A bazinga moment surely.

      • Spyro > than GTA.

        Even Vice City doesn’t match the sense of fun of those 3 games. San Andreas isn’t even in the same league. :P

  2. I would lose so much time to these games if they were on Vita. Come on Rockstar I’m sure a lot of people would pay a lot of money just to have these games in HD and with trophies.

    • Yes they would. Yes they would. Only for PS though, not just Vita.

      They can do a Vita version if they wish (who am i to stop them?), but it needs to be on PS3 first & foremost. ;)

      • Yeah I think if if were to come it would be on PS3, Vita and Xbox 360.

  3. Good news for anyone without a PS3 backward compatible fatboy or PS2 but for me personally it’s of no use unless unless they do a HD remastered remake with trinkets. Still have my working PS2 and the original III, Vice and San Andreas discs.

    • I miss my PS2 quite a bit. I had to sell it for money for college and along with went the classics of GT3 and Socom. oh well.

    • This will be perfect for you as long it’s priced within reason. It’d be great if they ever did consider a HD remastered version though…..along with the other as a trilogy but either way will do. :P
      Still own my original working PS1 with games also……bit of a hoarder lol.

    • Yeah for me it’s needs to be retouched in HD, otherwise I’d just get my PS2 out and play it on disc.

      • Yep, this is the problem that they have with the GTA’s that they have released – They are exactly the same as they were 10 years ago.

        A lot of people still own their copies from around that time, or refuse to pay again for something that they have already owned, as it is exactly the same.

        A HD remaster would get the nostalgia flowing for those that owned it previously whilst giving them improvements that weren’t present before (HD, trophies), whilst those new to the series might be drawn to the shinier version of some of the PS2’s best games.

        A win win situation surely? I know it would cost them money &/or development time to do this, but i can’t help but feel it would pay off for them if they actually bothered to do it.

      • @Forrest Being able to play a favourite PS2 game HD tweaked and with trophies added would surely be a win-win situation as you say, but I think that the PS2 classics road they are going down will only bring mediocre sales.

      • Rockstar refuses to go back and give GTA a hd remake as i think they prefer to develop new games instead of releasing a HD version as they know that most of the stuff they make is going to sell. Which is a shame and i suspect they probably don’t trust another developer to give GTA a HD remake.

  4. Just in time for christmas I do love San Andreas up there with vice city as one of my favourite GTA games if not my favourite vice city for the classic 80s soundtrack though last time I played this was when I had one of those 360 thingy mibobs many a moon ago ;)

  5. Well this makes for one decent PS2 game on PSN in a while.

    I think loads of people would like to see this on Vita, if not this then an actual new developed GTA for vita would be great. Rockstar have bothered before with portable after all.

    I am indeed looking forward to Spyro… which IS vita compatible.

  6. OG LOC baby

  7. That’s what am talking about right there, best GTA ever. West west baby

    • Best GTA ever… After Vice City of course. ;)

      • SA is the only GTA I have ever played & the psp ones. I will look for vice city & get back to you

      • You are in for a treat then!

        Best gameplay of the series (just pure tongue in cheek fun & no chasing friends around or altering phsyique or any of that nonsense) & the best soundtrack featured in a GTA game.

        In fact, possibly the best soundtrack featured in ANY game.

      • Alright. I will give you my review at the end of the week lol. It’s on ps3 ain’t it?

  8. i’d rather be able to use the original disc i already own than be forced to pay for the game again.

    i’d be more inclined to buy titles i don’t own on disc if using the disc was an option, i didn’t have a problem buying FFVII even though i have it on disc, because i wasn’t forced to rebuy it if i wanted to play it on ps3, i could have just used the disc.

    mind you i was forced to buy it to play it on psp, but then there’s a genuine reason why i couldn’t just use the disc on psp, not like with ps2 games on ps3.

    anyway, rant over.

    it’s a great game, not the best soundtrack, that honour goes to Vice City as far as i’m concerned, but damn it was fun.
    yeah fun, remember that Rockstar?

  9. I loved GTA:SA although i did get stuck on that dancing mission for 3 months. :O It is a bit of a flawed gem and i can see now that it’s not the best due to a number of reasons but it is my favorite of the series. I remeber that the game would struggle to keep up with you in a fast car and you would often be left with driving on nothing for a few seconds. A bit of a pain to get to one side to the other if you are just doing all of the missions. Oh and it was actually fun unlike GTA:Roman Baby Sitting simulator. Of course, had Sony actually kept backwards capabitily, i wouldn’t have had to sell all of my bloody PS2 games along with the PS2 to make room for the PS3 thus me being unable to play the GTA3 era games. >:( Suspect we will see it on the EU store just one day after the world has ended. Bloody SCEE releasing games after we are all dead. If it doesn’t end(and it won’t) then 3002 will be the earliest we will see it. :P

  10. Felt SA sucked the life out GTA, everything that was great about I-III & VC was diluted in a supposed epic which was just dull & filled with things to flesh it out because they felt they had to.

    As it’s not a HD update & they obviously have PS2 software emulation working for this title there’s no reason other financial they won’t let me play my existing copy, so even if I liked it, I’d be giving it a wide berth.

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