“The Last Of Us” Arriving 7th May

An awesome new VGAs trailer for upcoming PS3 exclusive The Last of Us has also confirmed the game’s release date: 7th May 2013.


You might think that’d be the US date, with the game arriving here in the UK on the 10th, the following Friday, but you’d be wrong – Naughty Dog has confirmed (via Twitter) that the 7th date is a worldwide one.

With Beyond also scheduled for the first half of next year, it looks like Sony might be clearing the way for something big in the latter part of 2013. Wonder what that might be…

You can watch the trailer here, it starts at around 34 minutes.



    • One of them has been taken off YouTube already. Bloody lovely trailer though.

      • Yeah I think Spike is cracking down on them until GT’s exclusivity is up :(

  1. Best get saving, next year is going to be huge. This release date proves it, as the article hints.

  2. great news trailer looked brilliance as well.

  3. Nice, this is probably my most anticipated game of next year,

  4. PS4 really better be a beast as I think this will be the last gen of consoles for about ten years minimum.
    Bring on The Last Of Us.

  5. Definite GOTY 2013

  6. Smart as they will miss GTA V’s release(Provided they release it in march) which would affect the chance of TLU doing well. Will pick it up either on release or after a few months. :)

  7. Day one.

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