Rumour Suggests PS4 Chip Going Into Production After Xbox 3’s

Rumours appearing around the internet suggest that the main chip used in the still unannounced PlayStation 4 is likely to go into fabrication after the new Xbox’s, and therefore giving Microsoft something of a head start.

The discussion comes from Semi Accurate, although much of what’s mentioned has appeared elsewhere over the last few months. Regardless, the report mentions two codenames: Kryptos – the next Xbox, and Thebes – the PS4.


The chipset in the PS4 – apparently an AMD CPU and GPU – is likely to be fabricated at Global Foundries or IBM initially, with the Xbox’s “Oban” chip first out of the line.

“That would most likely be the spring of 2014, but it could be fall of that year too,” says the site.

It’s likely that both the PS4 and the next Xbox will be revealed – in some capacity – before E3 next year, with Sony in particular likely to be holding a special event before June.



  1. If Sony wants to get out of the blocks before Microsoft (as they’ve stated) then they’d need to hurry the hell up. Microsoft’s “X” event is usually towards the end of February and there isn’t much to talk about, unless they’ve kept everything top secret so far…
    CES in Vegas, January 8-11 seems to be the only traditional platform for Sony to exploit before Microsoft’s annual event. Of course, Sony doesn’t really need an existing show to premiere its new hardware, it could create its own buzz. But I suspect that after February, it might be too late to be first.

    • Well Sony unveiled the NGP on the 27th of January last year at a conference in Japan. Although it was organised, but we could get news any time soon that Sony are holding another conference.

  2. Isn’t this kind of meaningless without knowing how fast the chips can be made? For all we know Microsoft could be starting early because they don’t expect to be able to produce the chips as fast, and need a stockpile for when they start assembling the consoles.

  3. Who cares a new toy when we’re waiting games like Bioshock, Last of Us or Two Souls?

    As long as games like these are produced, i don’t want a new console for the next two years.

  4. ‘McCain Home ‘Chips’ Straight Cut’ are the best!!! YUMMY!!! LoL:D

  5. Indeed, Xbox 360’s huge lead [in terms of time] definitely helped it a lot, with people wanting to get onto the next generation as soon as possible – same reason Wii U might have issues [I consider it late to the current generation]. Would be good for Sony to have a PlayStation console out before the next Xbox, but not if that means it’ll be rushed & has a poor launch lineup as a result.

  6. rumours rumours. You hear one thing, then you hear the other. I hope this doesn’t carry on TSA too much please.

    • Especially when the rumours come from a site called ‘Semi Accurate’!

  7. PlayStations “have never been first and it’s never been cheapest”.

    • They got the original playstation out before the N64. I was a Nintendo fan, owning the NES then Super NES but got sick of waiting for the 64 so switched my elegance to Sony.

  8. Prediction: PS4 released fall 2013, actually ready for release Spring 2014.

    • Oh no, you’re talking about the Xbox and it’s overheating issues. Simple mistake…. :-P (MS is rushing it out first, with consequences…)

  9. Ready? Get set. Go!

    I don’t care if Sony’s a couple months late. Six months or more would be bad.

  10. I’m too happy with my ps3 ATM sorry lol

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