TSA’s Top 100 of 2013: 60-56 – Dust 514, Elder Scrolls Online & Fuse

We’ve got five more games coming up in this article, including a wonderful team brawler, an online first-person shooter with an innovative cross-game concept, an online brawler, yet another online game, a massive online RPG set in the world of The Elder Scrolls, and then a recently rebranded co-operative shooter.

60. The Wonderful 101

60. The Wonderful 101

The Wonderful 101 is a wonderfully quirky game releasing on Wii U at some point next year. The core mechanic involves controlling not a singular superhero, but a group of them, as you band together to defeat the enemy forces in a variety of ways.

You can band these heroes together to take the form of a sword, a gun or even a fist with touch gestures on the Wii U’s GamePad and it’s a really interesting concept. Graphically, it’s looking great, with a vibrant, colourful style and some impressively sized enemies.

I played it earlier this year at Eurogamer Expo and it’s really quite fun – I summed it all up in my hands-on article by saying “It’s a brilliant little fighter, then, with some unique gameplay elements.” Wii U owners should keep an eye out for this one next year.

59. Dust 514

59. Dust 514

Dust 514, at its core a first-person shooter, is a really unique concept, syncing directly with the MMORPG EVE Online, which is effectively what is happening straight above the battlefield in Dust. The games can directly sync together, with EVE’s ships even being able to fire upon players on the ground in Dust. It’ll be free-to-play too, so it’s undoubtedly a good deal.

George, who you might know better as scion_tc1, gave us the report from Eurogamer Expo this year, in his preview article, rounding it up by saying:

If you’re into science fiction/futuristic warfare styled games DUST 514 is definitely worth looking into. It’s not every day that a great developer like CCP comes along dangling a Triple-A worthy title for free, and with it being free to download as well, there really is no reason for you not to give it a go.

Even with all of that praise, it’s dropped down forty places in the list from last year, where it sat at number 19 (though it was at 85 the year before that). Perhaps we’ve lost interest after delays or perhaps there are just forty much more interesting games coming out this year. It still looks great, though, so watch out for a release date announcement some time next year.

58. Anarchy Reigns

58. Anarchy Reigns

This one seems to be taking a long time coming. It might be the very first release on our Top 100 list, coming out in North America just eight days into 2013 and a few days later in Europe. Hopefully the delays are worth it though and it turns out to be a fantastic brawler.

It’s from the people behind the Wii title MadWorld (along with Bayonetta and Vanquish), but appears to have much more of beat-em-up and online multiplayer focus. Whether that’s a good thing is up to you, but there are returning characters from MadWorld. There are “over 8” characters to choose from (read: twelve).

It’s actually out in Japan now, and there are a few reviews drifting around, but it doesn’t seem like the best of games. An online focused brawler is a good idea though, and providing it’s balanced and the core brawling mechanics work well, it could be worth picking up when it releases a month from now.

Don’t worry if you’re not a multiplayer fan, as there’s also a ten hour single-player campaign, though this definitely appears to be a secondary focus.

57. The Elder Scrolls Online

57. The Elder Scrolls Online

TESCO (yes, that’s what we’re calling it) could go both ways – it could be as brilliant as Skyrim, Oblivion or Morrowind with the addition of a full massive multiplayer world, or it could be a bit of a disappointment. We’ll know for sure when it releases next year, though it will be nearer the end of the year if at all.

The storyline won’t be connected to the previous games in the series, since it’s set a millennium before them, though we’re sure there will be plenty of references and events from the other games mythology to please fans. It has been in development for over five years now, so it could really be great with all of the effort put into it.

As well as 200 player-versus-player sections, there will be single-player sections which are separate from the online quests, allowing players to be the hero that Tamriel deserves alone.

I’ve never found an MMO that really interests me – the always-online gameplay seems to detract from elsewhere, but I have high hopes for The Elder Scrolls Online, if it follows on from the deep mythology and excellent gameplay of the previous Elder Scrolls games. It’ll be out for PC and Mac platforms next year.

56. Fuse

56. Fuse

I was quite excited for OverStrike – Insomniac Games are a great studio and it was nice seeing them branching out to other platforms in order to focus on a different kind of game from what they had done before.

And then they re-announced it as Fuse and I was a bit less excited; some of the noticeable charm had vanished and it looked more like an appealing-to-the-masses shooter than it had before. It’s understandable, though, Insomniac wanted to do something different from the visual style of Ratchet and Clank, but didn’t want to continue on with the Resistance series.

It’s still a four player co-operative shooter, but we’ll really have to wait and see until March next year before we can make up our mind up on Fuse.

That’s it for this five games, but we’ll return later today as the first half of our list draws to a close.


  1. TESCO would have been the game for me if it was released on PS3 or future Sony console but sadly not.

    Dust 514 has been on my radar for ages, but like TSA staff, it’s been slowly tumbling down my must haves list.

  2. I was struggling to get into DUST 514 beta in the summer, but i think I should definitely give it another shot.
    Fuse also has a lot of potential. I love insomniac and i think it will be a pretty good game.

  3. I thought the idea of Dust 514 was interesting so I tried the beta. Thought it was abysmal. I’m also strongly against the F2P model and micro transactions so this is very off my radar now

  4. I was keen on DUST 514 originally. I liked the concept. After playing the beta a number of times it has left me disappointed. I was hoping for a futuristic MAG replacement but that has now been filled by PlanetSide 2.

  5. Bethesade are not involved with TESCO(Elder Scrolls crumpets Online) so any lore that is shown in it will most likely be ignored by them as it’s not connected to the series and is just a seperate thing in the franchise. I’ve seen some footage of it and hate the look of it. Apparently, the combat will be in real time and bosses will require teamwork and may even have actually big battles instead of one guy killing it with his overpowered dagger. ;) Seeing as i don’t care for MMOs, i will ignore this but find out what new lore they have came up with. Suspect it will be mainly raiding quests which actually suits TES.

  6. You just can’t beat a good featured feature. Especially when it’s featured on the front page as a featured feature.

  7. The Wonderful 101 was one of the games that sold the Wii U to me. A mix of Pikmin and Viewtiful Joe made by Platinum sounds amazing to me – and so far looks great!

    Anarchy Reigns looks ok, and reminds me of the Spawn arena battler from the Dreamcast so I’m sure I’ll give it a try when it finally makes it over here.

    I really wanted to like Dust 514, and in theory it should be right up my street. Sadly though I just found the Beta clunky, random and boring.

  8. Fuse is the only of these titles I’m interested in at the moment. I’d also like to give TEScO a try, but since it’s PC-only, I’ll skip it.
    I don’t like the idea that any random EVE online player can influence the battles in Dust 514, and after I read about CCP’s plans for the microtransactions (like buy guns in bulk and lose one each time you die), I lost all interest in the title. I also find it pretty ridiculous that they’re already selling DLC for a free-to-play game in a closed beta.

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