Dirty Bomb First Gameplay Trailer


It’s early footage (pre alpha, apparently) but Splash Damage’s new shooter Dirty Bomb – which looks like it borrows bits from Brink – is already looking reasonable.


There’s a certain lack of response from the weaponry, things look a little weak, but hopefully that’s more a case of it being not too long into development rather than another case of the studio not really packing a punch with the ballistics.

It’s a brave video – not least because it’s hardly the prettiest game and multiplayer trailers (especially those with live gameplay) are hardly the best way to show off your mechanics and visuals – but then hopefully Dirty Bomb is a brave game too.

Brink was decent enough but went leftfield with its game design, Dirty Bomb looks more traditional – we’ll see how it fares over the coming months but it’s up against stiff competition.



  1. Looks just like Brink 2 set in London, I hope it’s more MP focused rather than just playing with bots like Brink 1 was.

  2. Is this a console game?

    • no, pc exclusive.

    • it says “Made for PC” about 5.5 seconds into the video so I’d guess that they’re making it solely for PCs (it certainly looks too sharp for current consoles) but there’s probably potential to port to next-gen consoles.

      • yeah no doubt it will appear on console

  3. looks like a mix between battlefield and counter-strike. this was the first i’d heard of it but i’m quite looking forward to it after watching that.

    • They even kind of used the battlfield music at the end of trailer.

  4. Hip-fire extravaganza. Doesn’t look special enough for me.

  5. throwing this @ ya
    brink with a little crysis overtone?
    brink was really underrated in my opinion..
    played properly without any bots it was actually quite good..

  6. london seems to be a popular setting lately.

    this, Zombie U, those MW3 levels, the new Star Trek seems to have a portion set in london, from what i’ve heard the new Fast And Furious movie being made now has a bit set in london, and the new G.I. Joe trailer showed our fair capital getting all blowed up.
    they only knocked the Eiffel tower down in the first one, why’d France get off so lucky?

    anyway, back to this game, the video doesn’t show anything particularly innovative, it looks competent enough, but i’ll wait to see what the single player campaign and story is like before getting excited.

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