Microsoft Apparently Banning Xbox 360 Users After Their DLC Mistake

Remember last week when Microsoft messed up the DLC campaign for Halo 4, offering up free DLC when it should have been part of the Limited Edition? And then inventing a previously unheard of PR campaign to pretend it was all intended?

Well, now – apparently – they’re handing out bans to those using the DLC.


The details and circumstances are a bit woolly, but it appears to be related to playing split-screen, for some reason. If you picked up the Crimson Pack when it was free (and why wouldn’t you?) and play split-screen, this seems to trigger something at Microsoft to potentially fire off a ban.

“We are not permanently banning players for previewing or purchasing the Crimson Map Pack,” said developers 343. “We are currently investigating the recent reports of permanent matchmaking bans. We will provide further updates tomorrow. Thank you for your patience.”

It’s not happening to everyone, and it’s clearly a mistake, but Microsoft need to get the bans reversed as soon as possible. Thankfully if it happens it’s not system wide – it’s just a ban from Halo 4 online…



  1. At least they’re admitting to their mistake. Unlike EA who are doing fuck all about my fifa ultimate team account hack. Not responding and not even admitting there’s a problem despite so many cases. Sorry totally unrelated there.

  2. brilliant! It’s not always true that any publicity is good publicity!

  3. What the hell is someone, someone, someone, doing that thinks he or she can continue to fix the problem. They really just need to stop digging before the hole gets bigger.

  4. Sounds like typical Microsoft.
    Wouldn’t be surprised if they automatically took out money from everyone’s account due to their mistake.

    • that wouldn’t happen because of a mistake.
      that’s actually standard operating procedure for ms.

  5. Halo 4 has been a bit of fiasco to be honest. Fro misleading people about the Limited Edition, to matchmaking features and the DLC. Surprising really when this is MS’ biggest game of the year.

  6. What kind of filter have they got set up where they’re banning people for this?

    At least, I hope it’s a filter, and not someone manually doing it…

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