Dead or Alive 5 Plus Dated for Vita, Collector’s Edition Details Leaked

Dead or Alive is the fighting series for people who like their synthetic materials surgically implanted in, rather than wrapped around, the female form. It’s heavily marketed on the fact that large breasted women in the game don’t have much in the way of clothing. But it’s not as shallow as it might appear. Dead or Alive has always had plenty of depth to the gameplay that many 3D fighting fans will loudly defend against the sneering mockery of those of us who just think the outlandish breasts are ridiculous.

So, how about cramming touchscreen controls and the skimpiest costumes imaginable without actually being pornographic right into the Vita version? Yeah, that’ll probably go down a storm. You’ll be able to hold your Vita vertically to switch on the new first person mode and then you’ll have to tap the screen to fight. It all sounds a little weird, to be honest. All of this is old news that’s been seeping out of Tecmo Koei over the past few weeks.


So, what’s new? Well, there’s going to be a collector’s edition for the Vita, consisting of the first production run of game cards, and that will include a code to download some freebies. You’ll get a download code for 12 “Paradise Sexy” costumes, some of which can be seen in the screens below. You’ll also get a code to download something called an “Extreme Private Gravure” movie, which sounds filthy. Then there’s a custom fighter skin, soundtrack and beginner’s guide.

It all sounds suitably bonkers. We expect to hear a bit more as that March release date looms every nearer.

Source: Famitsu



  1. Looks awesome. The only special edition for the vita that I know of has been BlazBlue, certainly Vita games (hard copies) need a little more substance to them.

    I’m looking forward to what the Vita has to offer in the new year anyhow :)

    • I think that’s a very real problem – the Vita doesn’t seem to have much solid lined up for the next year.

      Certainly nothing really big, aside from Killzone: Mercenary. Hopefully Guerrilla Games can work some of their magic and show that the Vita can do a great FPS after all!

      • Soul Sacrifice and Tearaway will be pretty big hopefully.

      • Sly looks great Ninja Gaiden 2 as well sure there are others in the pipe line. plus persona 4 golden.

      • I think the fact that Killzone isn’t being handed over to a different studio will help it a lot Peter. That way nothing gets lost from what makes Killzone = Killzone.

        Also there is very small peek of Killzone in the NGP debut video back in January last year, which suggests that by the time it is released it will 2+ years or so in development which I think is quite healthy.

        I think Vita may just manage the first half of next year, then it is up to E3 to deliver, in other words that will be the key decider.

  2. As long as they give me more Mila I’m pretty much satisfied!

  3. Totally unrelated, other than in a Vita kind of way, but I still can’t see the PS+ Vita version of Mortal Kombat in the Instant Game Collection. The same goes for Knytt Underground. Anybody else getting this or am I just getting boned?

    I’m on the UK PS Store by the by…

    I’ll use this opportunity to say Merry Christmas to all the Sixth Axis-ers. Best of the Season to all of you!

    • They will both show up later today.

      • Thanks for the info, it’s much appreciated.

    • MK is live now, not sure about Knytt yet as I haven’t checked but you need to search for MK, it’s not in the plus section yet weirdly!

  4. So much for DOA ditching it’s reputation for being smutty. Also, is that woman trying to take a dump in that screenshot as it looks like it. :O Suspect the front cover will be a woman or two in a skimpy outfit. Oh and big breasts as apparently us gamers asked for it.

    I don’t think the first person mode will work as the tech required for first person fighting games is just not available yet due to the nature of fighting games. Plus we all know that some of us will just use it to look at her tits. ;)

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