Disney Infinity Leaked – Open World Gaming Platform Packed With Disney Favourites

Over on Polygon, between making artful, self indulgent videos and posting photos of their handsomely-paid editorial team’s dens, studies and family rooms, they’ve been accepting some illicit images. These leaked pictures show off Disney’s new open world gaming platform, dubbed Infinity.

It sounds, from Brian Crecente’s very interesting write up, like an expansion on Toy Story 3’s Toy Box mode. It’s set to have the open, anything-is-possible approach of Minecraft with the open world lunacy of Just Cause. That might sound like a glorious mix to you, and I’d have to agree.


It’s pitched as a kind of gaming platform, rather than a single, specific game. You’ll buy the initial game, with future game packs bringing new characters, scenery and building blocks with which to play in your sandbox.

Now consider the catalogue of characters Disney currently has at their disposal to pack that bizarre open world full of mayhem. Pixar superstars rubbing shoulders with Mickey, Goofy, Donald, et al. is really just the tip of a very alluring iceberg. Disney owns Marvel too – so might we see Wolverine and Spider-Man make an appearance at some point? What about their recently acquired characters from Lucasarts – Star Wars legends and Indiana Jones lending themselves to game packs.

It all ties in nicely with reports of a mysterious invitation to an event in Hollywood where Disney are said to be showing off a new “gaming initiative” to select press friends.

The Polygon leak says that Infinity will run across a range of devices, including traditional consoles and mobile devices like Android and iOS phones and tablets.

Source: Polygon



  1. I think the blow towards Polygon at the beginning was a little unnecessary but other than that this sounds great. Kind of a Little Big Planet meets Disney meets Minecraft.

    • No it wasn’t, bunch of twats.

      • My bad. I was under the impression TSA was better than that… Unless I’m missing the information that the guys at Polygon directly attacked TSA in any way I really don’t see a reason to call them out.

    • it’s a joke dude, lighten up :)

      • My sarcasm sensor must have been way off this morning! I guess it shows that this is my last day of work for the year. I really need a break… :D

  2. Sounds good if they can pull it off, like the idea of all those characters in one game.

  3. sounds more like LBP than Skylanders as the rumours had it.

    i have to say, this does sound a more intriguing project with this direction.

  4. Not surprised it’s going to be on mobiles as Disney seems to dislike releasing games on consoles. Am a bit surprised it will be coming to consoles. :O Wonder if it’s going to be a LBP clone or a minecraft clone or something that we have yet to see in the industry?

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