Community Chronicle: 23/12/12

It’s Christmas Eve Eve, and we’re here for the last Chronicle of the year. I hope you’re all have a happy Christmas, and manage to get plenty of gaming in amidst the inevitable crush of family and food.

I did ask him to make it as festive as he possibly could, but the best MtMannion could come up with was the odd glint of red about the place!

What we have here is a fairly beastly computing and gaming machine, despite the understated looks. It’s always the quiest ones, isn’t it? Powering that lovely 24″ display is an Intel i5-2500K overclocked to a whopping 5Ghz! With speeds like that, it’s lucky that he’s got water cooling, and not of the “throw a bucket of water at it” kind. This sits along side a now rather standard 8GB of RAM, a nippy 120GB SSD and an overclocked NVidia GTX 560Ti.

You know what? I think the red does make it look quite festive, in a Futurama Robot Santa Claus kind of way…

Also, a thank you is in order for Mannion, who set up the TSA Steam group a few years back. It’s rather quiet over there these days, but there were more than a few good times to be had. Maybe over the holidays and into the new year we can do something about that? Who’s with us?

Ever the co-operative buddies in this trophy hunts, Youles and McProley have both swept towards the Dead Space: Extraction and LittleBigPlanet Vita Platinum trophies. Whilst McProley then turned his Move controller to the wonderful Child Of Eden, Youles made good use of the double XP weekend to Prestige in Black Ops 2.

Speaking of Call of Duty, Cam_Manutd has himself a rather belated Modern Warfare 2 Platinum, after battling through the co-op missions. From the discussions in the forums, they certainly sound like there are a few tricky missions in there.

Crazy_Del keeps plodding along at the front, adding the Hitman: Absolution Platinum to his tally, whilst MadBoJangles pops up with Far Cry 3 and R&C All 4 One Platinums. Gaffers101 also got a double with Assassin’s Creed 3 and Sleeping Dogs, as he now sets his sights firmly on regaining his honour in Dishonored over his Christmas break.

Taylor Made‘s persistence paid off, as he nabbed the top honours in Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Similar levels of which will need to be shown by Freezebug, as he hunts down that elusive final security gate in Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Not too dissimilar to finding a needle in a haystack!

But this week was set alight last Sunday morning, as Flexxible espied an opportunity to add his name into the lists, as so many have done in the last couple of months, claiming a mass of backdated platinums, which propel him well up the Fastest Platinum lists on page 2. He then added a further speedy trophy to his name with Silent Hill: Downpour mid-week!

You’ll all want to check your records on the next page, because he’s caused utter havoc on there!

So, that’s almost your fill for the year! But before you disappear, you can head over to page two for the fastest platinum tables, and to finish off this page, we have the usual submission form for photos and accomplishments. Show off your haul of games, perhaps?

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  1. That rig sounds like a Ferrari powerhouse of processing, no picture though?
    Superb new entry by Flex onto the Fastest plat leaderboard, could have been a lot worse for some :P

    • Oops… something went wrong. Should be fixed now, though.

  2. That is actually an excellent rig. It has everything necessary to make it fast and efficient as opposed to some people who thing wow I have a computer with a i7 and 32gb ram…yeah whatever.

    I’m wanting to upgrade to SSD myself and let my HDD take second place for applications. Anyhow good stuff :)

  3. Thank you Del for making it very easy to vote for the trophy whore of the year. :D

    I’ve picked up Hitman yesterday. Tis excellent but has a few flaws. Such as everyone knowing everyone else. But there is nothing better then killing your target unseen and then leaving without a trace.

    • Nah I am not the only one. Youles and R1MJAW…. although Youles seems to be the favourites.
      I’m betting on R1MJAW ; )

  4. nice setup Mt. =D
    and nice to see flexx in the fastest leaderboard!

  5. Merry Christmas everybody. Turn your PS360 off on the day & be jolly lol

    • But how would we play our new games that way? :P

  6. Which SSD have you got? I think that’s going to be my next upgrade, but they’re coming down in price so quickly it’s hard to know what to buy and when.

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