TSA’s Top 100 of 2013: 5 – Grand Theft Auto V

5. Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar seem to be going for a slow burn with information about Grand Theft Auto V, with a well oiled PR machine slowly drip feeding us information about the game. In fact mere hours before I started writing this article a new set of screen shots were revealed, this time featuring sharks, submarines and fighter jets.

[videoyoutube]While most games will try to show you something new with each information dump, Rockstar have been doing a fantastic job of showing us the sheer variety the game has to offer. We’ve seen the expected cars, but also bicycles, jets, prop-planes, boats, helicopters, and some nice indications of the game’s plot. Simply put, they’re doing enough to get fans excited without showing all their cards.


Of course some of you may have let the game completely pass you by, so I’ll give you a quick overview of what we know so far. The game is set in Los Santos, one of the three cities that featured in GTA: San Andreas, although we’ve seen some country side, so it’s not all going to be down town. If you don’t know, Los Santos is a fairly transparent rendition of Los Angeles, much as Liberty City is a pastiche of New York.

Rockstar have stated that GTA V will be their biggest open world game to date, with a playable area apparently larger than Red Dead Redemption, GTA: San Andreas and GTA IV combined. That’s quite a claim, but Rockstar haven’t stopped there. Those submarines and sharks I mentioned earlier? Well apparently you’ll be able to explore a fully detailed ocean floor, a level of detail that seems almost ridiculous.

It’s not just a geographical expansion though, Rockstar have also been working on the systems that help populate the world. Although you can’t buy property in the game, something I really enjoyed in Vice City, Rockstar have said that the game will feature some kind of economic system, and that you’ll get different reactions out of non-player characters in different areas of the game. As you can now give people the middle finger, Rockstar have suggested trying it in different areas of the world to see the varying reactions you get.

[drop]However, perhaps the most interesting change is the fact that you can now switch between one of three protagonists. The game stars Michael, Trevor and Franklin, all criminals obviously, and it seems that they’ll be taking on missions together. In a mission they’ll often take different roles, and you can switch between them depending on what you fancy doing. You can also move between them when you’re just out exploring the world, although they’ll continue about their daily business even when you’re not controlling them.

As you’d expect the game’s three protagonists have different backgrounds, and Dan Houser says that none of them is anything like previous protagonists from the series. For me the most interesting is Michael, a former bank robber living off the proceeds of his life of crime. Obviously he’ll get drawn back into the criminal world over the course of the game, but seeing someone who could almost be a victorious character from another GTA title seems very interesting to me.

I’ll be honest, this is the first GTA game that’s really interested me in a while. GTA IV didn’t really grab me for some reason, but the fifth numbered title in the series has me paying attention. If you’re equally interested, then you can expect the game sometime in Q2 of 2013 for the Xbox 360 and PS3, with a potential PC or Wii U release also being considered.



  1. Yea!

  2. Try as I might, GTA is the one big series I just can’t generate any excitement for.

    I get bored too often, too quickly whenever I start a GTA game.

    I’ve played all of them except Chinatown Wars since GTAIII was released, but I’ve only ever finished Vice City, Vice City Stories and Liberty City Stories.

    And I only finished the last two because they were on the PSP.

    I’ve always seen GTA as a series with the potential for me to really love it, but something always gets in the way. I think the utter failure of the game to generate any connection between me and characters is to blame, but I’m not sure.

    • if you didn’t make any connection with the characters, just imagine how all the women who play the games feel. o_O

      anyway, i had one of the Stories games on psp, i think it was the Vice City one, i just couldn’t get on with that bloody nub though, so i got rid of the game, and didn’t bother with the other one.

      but since then i got the PS2 ports, much better with a proper analog stick.

      i still prefer the Vice City game, mostly for the soundtrack.^_^

  3. shame they still didn’t give us a female protagonist, maybe then they could have honestly said that character was unlike any previous GTA character.
    it rings kinda false right now.

    but still, they seem to be bringing back the wackier side of GTA, after the dour GTA IV, i think a bit of fun is just what the doctor ordered.

    i’d love a new game with an area like San Andreas, both in size and in the variety of locales.

    there just wasn’t enough open spaces in IV, one thing i love doing is just getting in a car, doesn’t matter who it belongs to. ^_^ and just driving, some great music on the radio and the miles flying by.
    so relaxing, not worrying about doing a mission, not being chased, just enjoying the scenery and the music.

    on that note, i hope they allow some kind of custom soundtrack support, they don’t pick bad music, but it’s not always to my tastes.
    the xbox versions had it, the original xbox i mean, you could set your radio to play music you’d ripped to your hard drive, not just playing them all the time like using the music player on the guide on 360, just when you’re in a car.

    but too many developers, just left custom soundtrack support to the console’s os after the 360, the old GTAs didn’t, they even had a custom soundtrack feature on the psp GTA games, you had to use a program on pc to rip your music to a special format then copy it to you memory stick, but the feature was there,
    it’s like ea and their support of voice commands in some of their recent games, they’re only doing it because kinect does all the work.

    anyway, i’ll pick this up, but i doubt it’ll be a day one purchase.

  4. Can’t wait for this. I honestly thought GTA would be at least in the top 3, but its my number 1 for 2013.

    • Same here, it’s the game I’m most looking forward to in the coming months.

    • It’s only an anticipated opinion that will probably be changed after release. I’d expect the game to top the end of 2013’s top 100 chart, if it delivers with Vice-esque promise!

  5. I thought GTA would be my No.1, but I agree with this place here. New games like The last of Us have really got me intrigued, and whilst this is set to bring in new mechanics etc. it still doesn’t excite me like the others. Although the only other game higher than this and the Last of Us for me is Bioshock Infinite…

  6. can not wait love all of the games GTA4 was brilliant in my eyes.

  7. I couldn’t care less about GTA V. I got a bit bored of them on PS2 but buckled and got GTA IV which I just couldn’t enjoy.

    Using the cheats to get helicopters and blow stuff up was fun but I found the missions repetitive and dull and the story too slow and uninteresting. I found the characters pretty forgettable too. I want something a bit more clever in a game, whether that’s story, a clever idea or a game that’s funny etc… GTA just doesn’t do that for me.

    GTA went to serious and lost anything that made me enjoy it. I preferred Red Dead Redemption but that still had a lot of the similar issues especially the wasted time spent getting from A to B.

    There’s at least another 30 games in 2013 I have more interest in.

  8. Very interested in GTA V. Might even get it on release which is bonkers-rare for me.

  9. Thanks for being so honest with yourself. I am on the same ground with you, gta IV hasn’t that much to offer, just as bioshock didn’t. But I like the steps these guys are taking, the risks, to offer something more. And I might as well agree with you on Crysis 2, it was really one of the most engaging fps games we have seen in these recent years.
    Keep up the good work.

  10. and one thing more, there is this great thing about your site, no one seems to get offended by the things the others say. I believe the things said here, would make a lotta people in bigger sites like Gamespot angry.

    • It’s great to read a comment like this, thanks :).

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