January’s PlayStation Plus Goodies Available Now

My Plus subscription expired a few weeks ago and I’ve not had chance to top it up, but those of you who regularly digest Sony’s monthly deluge of freebies can rejoice in the knowledge that this month’s avalanche has landed.

Yes, from today you can grab BioShock 2, Guardians of Middle Earth and Mortal Kombat – unless you live in Australia or Germany, where your spine ripping will be replaced by the somewhat more joyful Gotham City Imposters.


Guardians of Middle Earth is a bit of a catch actually for the service – it’s pretty new, good for Rings fans wanting more after The Hobbit and should hopefully boost the online numbers.

Jet Set Radio and Pinball Arcade will follow later this month, but – BEWARE! – today sees the removal of Batman: Arkham City, Bulletstorm and Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition, so if you’ve not yet downloaded them (or at least added them to your list) you’ll miss out.

I’m wondering how Plus will carry over to PlayStation 4 – there won’t be the library available to offer for free at first, so I’m curious how they’ll sell the idea…



  1. If you’re quick and head over before the Store team notices, you can actually get Gotham City Imposters everywhere, like Lego Batman the other week!

    And in response to the Plus on PS4 thing – I’m guessing it won’t be there at launch, but come later, like on Vita.

  2. I am not a plusser and while it is very tempting, the rental aspect of service is what stops me from diving in, even if it s only £40 a year. The last sentence of your article is also a concern – what if i dont want to buy a ps4 (given the farce of problems this gen has e3ncountered which basically forced Sont into offering plus to its user base!)?

  3. PS4 Plus will allow you to stream PS2/3 Games via gakai (spelling?). Mark my words ;-)

    • I think that as well among other things.

    • I’m guessing Gaikai is going to be their back-compat solution, so that wouldn’t surprise me!

    • Er yeah.. which is what Alex has said many times. Obviously feeling a tad under the weather today :)

  4. Only saw the Hobbit yesterday so I’m right in the mood for some LOTR :)

  5. Great stuff. Was considering getting GOME as a Birthday treat. Managed to save myself at least £15 picking it up on Plus and not on-disc.

  6. Maybe they’ll just wait a months like with Vita?

    We should get some Meets together on Middle Earth however, would be nice.

  7. not the best month for me as i already have Bioshock 2 on disc, and i’m not a big fan of these MOBA/DOTA games, but i’ll give the LOTR game a go.

    and i’m really not a fan of the MK series either.

  8. Cripes, i need a rest from ps+ so i can catch up with my other games! :)

  9. Cool. Thats the MK disc in the trade in pile then. Far cry 3 will be mine soon :D

    Honestly cant remember whether I’ve played Bioshock 2 !? Will have to check my trophy/achievements lists!

  10. Maybe they will do it like Xbox Live for PS4? Everyone has to pay to play online.

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