Fan Made Sonic Live Action Movie

A bit of fun for Friday evening, this live action/cgi movie was created by New York-based production company Blue Core Studios.

The YouTube page states: “The intention of making this film was for it to be a spec film, with the primary purpose being to show how a Sonic the Hedgehog film, in a live action environment, can be executed.”


The film finds Sonic teaming up with a band of rebels and stop Dr. Robotnik’s invasion and has already had 164,000 views.




  1. Dreadful, dreary, cringeworthy, hammy rubbish. So, perfect post 16-Bit Sonic then!

    • Couldn’t get through it. The robots, as good as anything in Battlestar Galactica, should get whoever made this the attention they deserve. But whenever people or Sonic were onscreen I found it hard to watch.

  2. That was amazing, really impressive for an amateur film and actually better than some of the straight to Scifi channel crap I’ve ended up glued to. ‘Mon the Son.

    • Oh My jaw has literally dropped at some of the amazing effects I’ve seen on the Syfy channel while channel hoping :D

  3. My son has watched this about 5 times this evening ;)

  4. Anyone notice the Nostalgia Critic in that? Makes me want to watch his “The room review” again :’)

    • I don’t know the Swat guy looks similar.

      • Thats who I’m referring to :P Doug Walker is his real name.

      • yup :)

  5. He’s the Angry video game nerd

  6. omg a real life sonic movie would be cool

  7. I was very impressed with the video still unsure of Sonic’s hair… just look weird lol. Would love to see a sequel
    But I also do want an actual CGI Sonic film loved the cartoons when I was a kid. A CGI Film like TMNT would actually get me excited!

    • Well Sonic’s ‘hair’ is meant to be the spines of a hedgehog, so that’s probably what the producer was going for.

  8. I didn’t like it, Sonic just doesn’t fit in the universe they’ve created. The production is excellent for an amateur film, but no. Just no!

  9. I think combining Sonic Adventure elements with the 16bit era Sonic is odd…

  10. thought that the while the effort was clear and it was well made for a fan based film, I wouldn’t tell them to give up their day job.

    It was hard to watch as it was all so slow paced… which is a shame because they obviously put a lot of time in to it.

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