Detained ARMA 3 Developers Finally Freed On Bail

The two Bohemia Interactive developers who were detained in Greece over charges of spying have, after 128 days of jail, been freed on bail.

The men, aged 28 and 33 years, faced up to 20 years in prison if they were convicted of supposedly recording and photographing “strategic military objects” to be used in an upcoming military shooter.


Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar were bailed for 5,000 Euros each, after Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras got involved and communicated with his Czech equivalent, Petr Nečas.

The duo are free to return to the Czech Republic.



  1. Finally. This is brilliant news. I’m glad they managed to get out of there

  2. A few Greeks with flick-knives cannot be described as “strategic military objects”. Saying that, I know the economy is bad over there so perhaps that’s all they have now. Aww… do they have PayPal? I might donate some money so they can afford an air rifle for long-range attacks.

  3. i find it kind of funny i find it kind of sad… its a mad world

  4. Keep the bail Greece, you need it, and leave them alone!

  5. And they didn’t accidentally end up buying Greece with the bailout cash!? Surely, 10keuros is more then enough to buy them out. I think you would still have 9k left. At least they are free now, i wonder if they will leave a subtle joke in ARMA 3 about this?

  6. good news, they can finally go home.
    you could hope this kind of thing wouldn’t happen again, but of course, it will.

    and i’ll bet there are still innocents imprisoned there because of this spying law.

    you know, for a country in such a poor financial state, they would do well to avoid scaring away the tourist trade with draconian laws like this.

  7. Who paid the bail, that’s what I want to know. Was it the devs themselves, or Bohemia Int? Glad theyre out though.

    • Bohemia doesn’t have any official involvement, since they were on a private vacation but I’m sure they at least chipped in.

  8. Finally! Now ITV can make another “hard-hitting” news feature about the IRA, but with a newer game engine ;p

  9. I’d still like to see what they photographed. There was a possibility they were spies, it’s how the spy game works. although 10K seems pretty low for a fine if they were, so they probably weren’t, but it does serve as a reminder to tourist to use some common sense, or at least some covert equipment when photographing “strategic military objects”.
    Being ARMA devs, I still think they were intentionally photographing those military objects for game reference and deserved to be punished to some extent. It’s just common sense, there are things you just don’t photograph and if you do, you can expect some kind of punishment if your caught.

    • Greece is demilitarized, as far as I know so there shouldn’t be any “strategic military objects” to be photographed. If aynthing they are trying to hide something. Also, I think I’ve read that Greece actually uses an old military airport for non-military flights so it’s easy to photograph something on accident that they think you shouldn’t.

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