Monkey Island’s Sword Fighting Game Reconstructed For Browsers

The sword fighting sub-game from the original Monkey Island adventure has been reconstructed for web browsers, as one enterprising coder has managed to weld some HTML magic over one of retro gaming’s most loved titles.

If you’ve never played Monkey Island this won’t make a huge amount of sense, but if you did, and loved the puzzle-based battles then this will be a most welcome trip down memory lane, and almost certainly perfect for your lunch time break from work.


It looks spot on, too:

monkey island web game

You can play the game here, alongside a lovely Shadow of the Beast parallax demo and a playable teaser version of Bubble Bobble, apparently in jQuery.



  1. You fight like a dairy farmer!

    • And you fight like a drunk monkey who slept with several things that are illegal as well as smelling of poo! What?

  2. I can’t help but think of Cartman using swearing to defeat thingy in the South Park film when i read this. For once, under 18s have a reason to insult other gamers online. :O

    I wonder if Lucasarts will demand that the developer removes this? as some publishers hate having small developers release stuff like this

  3. I had Monkey Island as a flash game somewhere. I;d love a re-release on the Vita

  4. This must be the second biggest thing in the whole World……….Wide Web :D

  5. I am rubber, you are glue!

  6. forget Monkey Island insult swordfighting, they’ve got Dungeon Master!!! ^_^
    that game was awesome back in the day.

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