WeView Verdict: The Unfinished Swan

It would seem that many of you weren’t all that impressed by The Unfinished Swan, with several of you leaving the game itself unfinished. With the game’s artistic style it perhaps shouldn’t be all that surprising that many couldn’t see the appeal, it does seem like it’s got a fairly niche market.

[drop]bunimomike was amongst those who couldn’t manage to make his way through the game, sharing what little he played of it with Hannypoppie, who was equally unimpressed. Apparently it only got one outing as it “left us cold and the narrative felt very stilted when the story progressed.”

Youles didn’t see the appeal either, saying that while they’d started it there wasn’t “much pulling me back in to be honest.” They were more specific about the game’s failings than bunimomike, saying they found that “The constant pressing of the “fire” button and noise… annoying,” while “The story-telling is ok, but nothing special.” On top of that they also thought that “the puzzles have been rather basic.”

There were some who enjoyed it though, with tactical20 saying that “the first few levels were absolutely superb”, although they did feel that “they maybe tried to do too much towards the end”. In one of the many comparisons to Journey they though it was “much easier to get into than Journey”, a view that’s contrary to the general opinion that Journey was the better title.

For example, Kaminari pointed out that “The difference between Journey and Swan is atmosphere. Swan has next to none.” In fact that wasn’t the only thing they found missing from the game, saying that it also suffered from a “lack of direction [and] of narrative.”

However, there were some who didn’t find the narrative to be lacking, just different to what we’re used to. Both Origami Killer and Tuffcub picked up on this, with Killer saying that the “Story is like a bedtime story,” while Tuffcub thought that “young kids would probably enjoy it a lot, the story is a bit like something you get on Cbeebies.” It’s an interesting stance to take, and one I can get behind from what I’ve seen and heard of the game.

Finally, we turn to your verdict of the game. While there were quite a few of you who shared your thoughts, many hadn’t completed the game and decided not to add a verdict to their opinion. To be honest that probably says more than the actual result does but here goes anyway. Avoid It gained a single backer, while Plus It and Buy It are tied at two a piece. However, with so many people saying they simply couldn’t get through the game, I feel that I may have to give the ultimate verdict to Avoid It this week.

Now onto the poll. I’ll be back later today with another game for WeView, but for next week’s game you can pick from one of the four choices to the right. The poll will close at 11:59pm GMT on Sunday, so you’ve got plenty of time to cast your vote.



  1. Shame. Nice idea but just a bit too slow and meandering.

  2. Ah nuts, I commented on the wrong Unfinished Swan post.

    I really enjoyed it…

  3. I still really enjoyed it so it doesnt matter what anyones else thinks

  4. Kaminari is bang-on with his comment. The game felt almost completely void of atmosphere and could’ve been so much more. Still, your article on the meaning behind the game might have me playing it once more but I feel like that’s a bit of a git as I really shouldn’t need to read up about it (and its meaning) to “get” a game.

    • When I say “your” I mean Alex’s/nofi’s. :-)

      • Yeah. As I’d assume from reading my blogs on TuS I think it’s actually one of the deepest games of last year.

        Yes, it’s all beneath the surface but I get nothing but absolute joy every time I play it.

        I can’t say that about many other games.

  5. Perhaps my asssessment of the story-telling was a little harsh, especially as I hadn’t finished the story, and after reading Alex C’s artilce – but despite this, as a game I found it pretty dull after the first 30 minutes. I shall finish it since it cost me a tenner, and perhaps something will “click” with me, who knows.

  6. Yet to get back into the game after writing to WeView, shall do so once exams and assignments are out of the way

  7. Bought this in the 12 deals of christmas as i wanted to try journey and thought 2 supposedly great games for £9.99 im all over that enjoyed journey yet to give this a whirl.

    • Same here. I did what everyone suggested and played Journey in one sitting. I hope to do the same with Unfinished Swan one weekend soon.

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