Rumours Suggest Codemasters Staff Facing Redundancies

Sadly, rumours are this morning pointing to staff at Codemasters facing redundancies, with employees being told they are “potentially at risk” after an internal announcement issued today. One rumour points to as many as eighty employees are affected, although this is unconfirmed.

The teams working on the likes of GRID, the annual F1 games and various PC titles are said to be unaffected. It’s likely, therefore, that these are administration and marketing roles rather than game development. Regardless, this isn’t news to be taken lightly.

“It is not company wide,” said a spokesperson for the studio, which primarily makes racing games, when quizzed about what’s going on. “We cannot specify what has been affected yet, but it has to go through a legal consultation period. Those told they might be affected might not actually be affected, but they are potentially affected.”

“It doesn’t impact the main game teams – PC titles, Dirt and annual F1 titles.”

Our best wishes go out to the company and any staff involved.

Via NowGamer.



  1. Sad news as always but I don’t think I’ve bought a single CodeMasters game since TOCA on the PS1.

  2. I wonder how many are linked to the F1 karting game.

  3. Codemasters made and make some outstanding racing games Toca,Colin Mcrea,Grid,Dirt,Formula 1 the list goes on sad times for the people who’s jobs are in the balance.

  4. Always liked codemasters, though I don’t see as many of their games on the shelves as I used to.

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