Tomb Raider Achievements Highlight Multiplayer, Animal Looting And Weapon Modification

Tomb Raider is TSA’s 2nd most anticipated game for 2013. That’s quite an achievement, given the superb line-up ahead of us this year. And speaking of achievements, they’re out, and there’s quite the focus on multiplayer – not a huge surprise, but there’s 15 of the things.

Including one awarded for, wait for it, reaching level 60. The list seems familiar, and you can’t blame the developers for wanting to extend the life of the game beyond the single player, but a lot of them just feel like ticking boxes rather than pushing the boundaries.


There’s also an emphasis on animal looting – one each for small animals, large animals and flying ones – and and a few based on weapon modification. Thankfully, there’s a couple for actually exploring tombs, although they’re both marked as “optional”. Quite.

I’m excited for Tomb Raider, I am, but I’d much prefer it was actually a return to form rather than seemingly riffing of everything Naughty Dog have done with Uncharted of late. And yes, I’m aware of the paradox there, but all this talk of just holding up isn’t filling me with much confidence. The first Tomb Raider game was legendary, and I’d love to see that verve rekindled.

Not long to go until we all get our hands on it, regardless. The game’s out in March, and I’m still hopeful that the game will impress, despite what seems like a lazy set of achievements.

If you don’t mind mild spoilers, you can view the list here.



  1. I didn’t notice any spoilers on that list.

    But what a boring list it is. Sounds like a typical generic shooter with an open-world twist.

    Then again, the trophies/achievements are far from the important part of the game.

  2. If it’s square enix there is hope that an online pass isn’t required :) if this is true then I don’t mind the idea of playing essentially uncharted 2 online till level 60.

  3. I received the HD trilogy for xmas and, unsure if i would enjoy it or find it clunky i took a break from Far Cry 3 for five minutes… and kept playing for about five hours. The linear gameplay compared to FC3 was a refreshing change and i find i get a more of a sense of progression in linear games vs open world ones.
    I loved the first Uncharted because it reminded me of the Tomb Raider games and i loved the rollercoaster-ride that was Uncharted 2. But i found that mechanic felt a bit tired in Uncharted 3 so Golden Abyss was more to my liking. I’m sure the developers know they don’t need to imitate Uncharted to make a good Tomb Raider game so hopefully they won’t follow the Uncharted 2 template too closely.
    Much as i don’t care about the mp, i think it’s great that there’s no online pass.

  4. felt I was watching a Uncharted copy cat in some of the clips I saw.

  5. Glad to see there are some multiplayer achievements to aim for :) In a weird way its the bit I’m looking forward to the most at the moment

  6. I really don’t like some MP trophies. I don’t mind a few to encourage people to give it a try, but getting to level 60!! If you like the multiplayer enough I doubt you’ll need the promise of a trophy to keep you playing it.

  7. A classic example of a game that should be sold as a single player campaign with the option to buy a code for upgrade to multiplayer with add on DLC.

    In short all trophies/achievements for platinum based on the single player campaign and the muliplayer add on DLC having it’s own set of seperate trophies/achievements.

    I’ve always loved the Tomb Raider series so just to have a good storyline with engrossing gameplay is all that’s needed so I’m pretty dissapointed with this “compulsary for platinum” multiplayer add on malarkey.

    I will still be getting the game and enjoying it’s campaign but I’d be highly surprised if it’s platinum trophy ever sits on my trophy shelf.

    Level 60 my effing arse!!

    • I know what you mean freeze, I’ve enjoyed the series so I’d like the plat, but I just don’t enjoy MP these days :(

    • Apart from dedicated mp games, I feel the same. My wife and I have both the GoW (her) and Tomb Raider (me) collectors editions pre-ordered and have both been irritated by the inclusion of mp. These trophies only exaggerate that frustration but who knows, I might like it.

  8. This game might actually help to wean me of my Uncharted multiplayer addiction.

  9. If the multiplayer is well populated and the network is stable I might put some time into it, but like most games it’ll probably use a slow, buggy matchmaking system that ends the game when the unknowing host leaves.

  10. a lot of those seem to be about shooting stuff.
    i just added them up, and with all the kills needed for each weapon it adds up to around 200 people, i think.

    for an undiscovered island, there sure seem to be a lot of people there. o_O

    i’m getting the feeling, this is going to end up being a shoot em up with platformey bits here and there, rather than what i’d expect of a Tomb Raider game.
    which is a game based around exploration and puzzle solving, with some shootey bits.

    sure there’s usually a route through the levels in the TR games, but it doesn’t channel you the way something like Uncharted does.

    i’m not too worried about the level 60 thing stopping me getting a platinum, because i haven’t got one of those yet, and i didn’t expect this to be the one to finally get me one.

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