Multiplayer For Tomb Raider Confirmed

XBox MagazineOfficial Xbox Magazine has confirmed that the rebooted Tomb Raider will ship with a multi player component, a feature that GAME accidental revealed on Christmas Day.

The U.S. magazine has a ‘hands on’ feature with the multi player and says it will reveal ‘the new modes and info on who you’ll be playing as.’ The GAME leak suggested gamers could play as Lara’s shipmates or Yamatai’s Scavengers.


Whether the feature will be tacked-on nonsense like Dead Space 2’s multi player or something rather more substantial akin to Uncharted’s version remains to be seen.

Source: Official Xbox Magazine



  1. I bet there’s a few who would like to play with Lara!

    • I bet there are people who want to raid her tomb.

  2. Bet it will be just like uncharted, it’s a good formula to copy, sane game, different characters. Lets hope there is just 2 online trophies like uncharted.

  3. Well, I didn’t like Dead Space 2’s MP or that of Uncharted so this will have its work cut out being anything other than disc filler to me.

  4. Looks like Eidos Montreal will do the MP part.

  5. Making me actually tempted to try this game. Never been too much of a fan of the newer Tomb Raider games. Old ones were much more fun IMO.

  6. So long as it’s completely seperate from the story mode and doesn’t have some sort of socially intrusive auto-log poop – prompting you to replay each section to better your friends scores while you are trying to get immersed in the sp. It might not be anything like that hopefully but rumours of social features have made me a bit anxious.

  7. I hope the SP doesn’t suffer as a result of this. Id rather have a solid SP experience than shoe horned MP any day.

  8. I don’t want to be negative without knowing anything about it… but… argh!

  9. And thus my desire to buy it at full price is gone. Shall pick it up when it’s £20 mainly because i don’t like paying £40 for a game that i will only use of it as i won’t touch the MP. Mainly because i’m a single player gamer. Wonder if it will be UC’s mp or generic mp?

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