Tomb Raider Multiplayer Leaked By GAME

Remember that rather exciting “special secret announcement” for Tomb Raider that we picked up on a week or so back?

It’s highly likely to be multiplayer, which was (along with a few other ideas) one of the stronger suggestions in our earlier post on the subject.


The news comes via UK retailer GAME’s website, which apparently stated players could “play a variety of multiplayer modes as Lara’s Shipmates or Yamatai’s Scavengers” on the product page for the game. It’s since been removed.

Multiplayer shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, and rumour has it it’s based on Uncharted 2’s setup. Again, hardly a shock, given the way the single player is resembling Drake’s second outing.

Tomb Raider is out 5th March 2013.

Via AGB.



  1. ….yay :-|
    Merry Christmas TSA-ers

    • Exactly what I thought. Can’t wait for the game but I’ll probably only try the multiplayer because it’s on the disc. Maybe.

      • Yeah, maybe! Does seem rather unnecessary, I hope it’s up to scratch – even if nobody plays it.

  2. Ah, great.

  3. Yay more MP tacked on. Why does everything need to have an online component?

    At least Bethesda still show how it’s done with Skyrim/Dishonored.

    Do publishers not realise people play these games primarily for the story. Look at Dead Space 2 – any resources gone into the pointless MP could have extended the single player.

    • Well yes but also no. Assassins creed added an excellent mp component, as did uncharted. So it can be done right but mostly it’s not.
      Hope everyone enjoyed their christmas. Same again tomorrow? That’s what boxing day is for right?

  4. Hehe I guess i’m just cynical git :)

    Not played AC MP yet so might enjoy it however I WILL admit to massively enjoying ME3’s MP – as that kind of MP I do like. Mindless deathmatch can’t stand however.

  5. Not fussed, just happy with a good single player campaign in games like this. It could be great but then again it might just be an added on unneccessary glitchey game killer.
    Still, I guess all publishers are entitled to get a slice of the DLC map pack cake!

    • Exactly – I suspect most devs want MP due to all the potential DLC revenue and micro-transactions for a single gun/skin/avatar.

    • I meant to say pie not cake, actually I’m surprised that I didn’t say Gateaux after that lovely Black Forrest job yesterday :P
      Hadn’t even thought about skins, guns etc. but I suppose that could be added to single player anyway.
      A co-op mode would work well though I think….. as in completing the storyline missions together rather trying to bum everyone off the map in mutiplayer.

  6. Really not fussed about Tomb Raider multiplayer, didn’t bother with the Uncharted multiplayer as it didn’t really grab my interest.

  7. Oh for crying out loud. Tomb Raider doesn’t need MP as i suspect there will be 20-30 hours worth of content(judging from what i’ve seen of it) and there won’t be any way of doing it in a way that it makes it unique. Can developers please stop adding uneccessary MP to games that blatantly don’t need it? At least it’s not day one DLC that is actually a minor part/major part cut from the game to sell back to us for daring to buy it brand new and expect to get the entire experience.

    • Or of course they may have a 10-12 hour SP and multiplayer. But that is acceptable as we all really love to spend more money on the doubtless dlc which will be out within a week.

  8. I’m finding myself less and less excited by the prospect of this game. I’ll wait for the reviews but it’s sounding more and more like a carbon copy of Uncharted.

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