News Snatch: Microsoft Selling Xbox To Sony, Old Dante, iPhone Rumours And Final Fantasy Discounts

I cannot decide if the newly announced ‘Classic Dante’ DLC for DmC is a massive cop-out or a cynical money grabbing exercise.

Possibly both, check out the video below. Not that this should really matter to anyone, of course – new Dante isn’t exactly obnoxious.


In one of the earliest April Fools of the year, Adam Hartung, contributor (not analyst as some sites seem to think) to Forbes has predicted bad times ahead for Microsoft.

As well as huge job losses he predicts the following; “The entertainment division will be spun off, sold to someone like Sony or possibly Barnes & Noble, or dramatically reduced in size.  Unable to make a profit it will increasingly be seen as a distraction to the battle for saving Windows.” The entertainment division includes Xbox so this is obviously a huge jape, as if Microsoft would sell their brand to their biggest rival.

Oh wait, it’s not, Adam Hartung is being serious.

Staying in the land of Fortune Tellers, analyst Peter Misek thinks yet another new iPhone will soon enter production and be released this summer. The new ‘big screen’ iPhone is said to be “Similar to the iPad mini, we expect a concentrated low-cost iPhone rather than a ‘cheap’ one. Likely specs: polycarbonate case with 4in non-Retina display and no LTE.”

The PlayStation Store has a Final Fantasy sale this week with pretty much every game half price which means Final Fantasy VII is a tempting £3.99.  The sale begins this Wednesday, 23rd January and last for one week, for the rest of bargains click here.

Further to last week’s news that Tomb Raider will not be getting a demo comes the news that the gamers will not be able to buy a season pass for the DLC. Not that any has been announced but it’s blatantly going to have some and you’re all going to have to pay top whack for it rather than get it in a nice bundle. Happy days!

Release Date Round-up: History: Legends Of War will land on PC and consoles (including PS Vita) on 8th March 2013. Check out the trailer above.

Rumours of Monster Hunter 4 appearing on the Vita have been dashed, “I would not believe everything you read on the Internet. It will set you up for disappointment or misdirected frustration,” they told Destructoid.

And Finally, Ubisoft and EA beware! China’s ruling communist party is about to enter the world of gaming, an area the previously regarded as “electronic heroin”.  A series of ideologically correct online multi player games entitled “Glorious Missions” will be published, each of these has been scripted by seven unnamed Propaganda officials and the whole project has been overseen by the beady eye of the People’s Liberation Army.

Sounds a bit like how Activision make the Call Of Duty series.

Allegedly, the lawyers have asked me to add.



  1. Well that would explain why the next Xbox will be less powerful than the next PlayStation… :P

  2. That Forbes article is the worst thing I’ve read in some time. What’s the odds he’s insider trading on that one?

  3. I’ve often suspected many of these analysts/contributors have little knowledge of the industries they predict on. That guys statement reaffirms this. Sony aren’t in a position to be buying anyone out, and the words “cheap” and “iPhone” just don’t go together.

  4. The world expects a new iPhone every year (late Summer) but it’ll be interesting to see if they ever create an entry-level smart phone that’s competitive on price.

    • That would be great, I’ve still got my old 3GS because all I need it for is a bit of browsing, music, email and calendar. It’s still perfect for that and seems to have gotten better with ios6, so maybe new low spec iPhone would be a good seller.

      As daft as the Microsoft rumour is, didn’t Sega sell part of its games biz to Nintendo?

      • Thing is, if they actually wanted that, why not just keep selling the 3GS/4? Can’t cost much by now, especially the 3GS. Just throw a Lightning connector on the bottom and there you go, cheap, entry level iPhone.

    • I thought there was a new iphone out every few weeks!

      • One per year. You must be thinking of Android phones.

      • I thought it was one of those things that you buy on a weekly basis due to it either going mouldy or you’ve scoffed it all.

  5. Might be just me but i actually prefer the new Dante to the old one.

  6. Wow, since when is Microsoft fighting a battle to “save” Windows? Last time I’ve checked it was still the best selling OS in the market.
    Also Sony does not have the pocket money to buy the Xbox brand. Barnes & Noble also sounds weird. If there was the slightest chance that MS would be selling the Xbox division it’d be more likely to be Amazon er even Apple to make an offer before B&N show any form of interest.

  7. PQube have confirmed the Vita version of Legends will be out the same time as the console version. Well done them!

  8. Really like the look of History: Legends of war. Will be interesting to see how the Vita version will work

  9. Really loving the look of Legends of War – a long time in the waiting and a nice surprise to see a Vita version.

    PQube are pretty decent so it should be a good version.

    Btw, fantastic article on Journey done by Alex C. I can see a lot of love went in to it. Great Stuff.

  10. So Capcom has basically order NT to dye Dante’s hair white and give him a red trenchcoat to sell as DLC. I can’t view the video due to data limit being exceeded but am basing it on the thumbnail. The fans that are still cheesed off about the Alternate universe won’t care about it. The fans were peed off not because of his looks although that did have something to do with it but because he was unrecognisable and didn’t resemble the old dante as well as sending the wrong message to them. Doesn’t help that the director of the studio happened to look like the new Dante. ;)

    MS won’t can their enterainment department as it’s still profitable and they have shown no signs of any cash problems as well as the userbase being massive. So a 720 is still viable. I think they would rather shut it down and suffer a huge hole in their wallet then sell it to Sony as they are their biggest rival and Sony have their own cash problems at the moment so buying a part of MS is not in their best interests unless they want to go bust.

    Seems a bit odd that TR won’t have a demo but i suspect they are still working on it and don’t want to waste any time on creating a demo. That or the game is awful and they don’t want us to know untill we’ve forked out £40 out for it. Hopefully, it’s the not wanting to waste any time reason.

    As for FF, if you love RPGs. BUY IT! But if you depise turned based combat, they may not be the games for you. Oh and no, they don’t have trophies as they are PS1 games.

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