The Elder Scrolls Online Beta Opens With a New Trailer

Not many modern day videogame universes are as suited to an MMO adaptation as Tamriel’s sprawling landscape. Sure, there’s some familiar gameplay elements that fans of the series will be keen to see make an appearance, but the richness of the history of Tamriel and the mythologies present in The Elder Scrolls’ world could make for a very interesting MMO.

Well, you’ll be able to judge for yourself soon enough. Beta sign-ups are now being taken over on the official website. In addition, there’s a new trailer which is almost six minutes long. In the trailer, you’ll meet the factions and see some of the classes you’ll be able to choose from. It’s a heavily cinematic CGI look, rather than anything representative of gameplay, but don’t let that put you off – it looks quite spectacular.


This is scheduled for a 2013 release on PC and Mac. Hopefully, we’ll be taking a more substantive look at it soon.

Source: Press release



  1. i signed up, who knows if i’ll get in and if i do whether my pc will be able to run the game adequately.

    the video says it’s been removed by the user.

  2. Mac as well? Excellent!

  3. Awesome

  4. That trailer was awesome. The bit with the rope bridges was extremely cool. Shame I won’t play this I’m not a PC gamer but by god it sounds good.

  5. Amazing trailer.
    Googling for beta sign up now :D

    • there’s a link to the official website for beta sign up in the article above!

  6. Nice to see that Mac is being supported. Wonder if it will also come to the PS4/720 eventually.

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