Latest “Iwata Asks” Interview Gives A Nice Insight Into Platinum Games

Nintendo’s series of “Iwata Asks” interviews are often nice little explorations of a game. The latest one, as teased in the recent Nintendo Direct broadcast, is about a studio rather than an individual game. Iwata spoke to Tatsuya Minami (President and CEO) and Atshushi Inaba (Director/Producer) of Platinum Games.

There weren’t any major revelations to grab headlines but the interview does give a nice insight into the studio and the process of developing games in Japan. Minami talks about wanting to emulate the western relationship between publisher and developer where the latter has more freedom to do what they want and more responsibility for the final product.


If we fail, the company will break up, and if it goes well, we’ll be like, “Take that!” I think that kind of relationship is good. After all, the ones who think about the players the most and face them and strive to make something for them are the game makers.

There’s plenty in there about how the studio works, how they induct new talent and how proud they are to be a Japanese studio making games in Japan. It’s well worth a read.

Source: Iwata Asks



  1. Platinum Games are easily my favourite developer around at the moment so I will check this out :-) Personally I’m just hoping Rising ends up being a success for them. After all, they make some cracking games (Bayonetta, Vanquish, Anarchy Reigns, Madworld) yet none of them have sold particularly well thus far.

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