Sony’s New “Convince Your Friend To Buy A Vita” Campaign

A preface: I like the Vita. I think it’s a great system with absolutely bags of potential and some killer games. But let’s be honest: it’s struggling a wee bit and only more great games, a hefty price cut and much more in the way of Mobile titles can really make a big difference to the console’s long term potential, sales wise.

Or – hey – a marketing campaign from Sony America? That’ll work.


Expect, well, this one’s a little bit off the mark. Picked up on GAF, this is presumably an email campaign going out to existing Vita owners over in the States. It’s one of those ‘word of mouth’ style things where Sony expect you to do the hard work of actually marketing the console. In this case, it’s a “mission” to “convince your friends” to buy a PS Vita.

If they do, you both get $20 of PSN credit. That’s good, right? Well, perhaps, but the way it’s conveyed is a bit dated, and the legalese that says contestants have to state that they’re being compensated in all methods of communication with friends would probably put me right off.

The principle of the thing’s not really the issue, it’s the way it’s handled. “Friends that game-on-the-go together, stay together” it claims. Ugh. And, really, although positive feedback from mates is one of the strongest sales channels a company can ever wish for, the whole “mission” aspect seems entirely misplaced, at least to me, as if they’re trying to ‘game’ it up.

I get that Sony are desperately trying to raise awareness of the console, and rightly so. And whilst I’m not ignorant enough to think that one team working on marketing takes time away from another trying to source top tier third party projects, Sony’s entire focus just now should be on making sure existing Vita owners have new games to get their teeth into.

2013 is key for the Vita. Keep pushing Mobile to enable cheaper games, make sure the first party stuff (like Killzone and Tearaway) are as good as they can be and delivered with plenty of on-target marketing and – seriously – get that price cut in effect and bundle in a memory card. But don’t expect your current fanbase to be shouting from the rooftops for you.

Regardless, I checked the Sony Rewards site and couldn’t even find where to get started.



  1. Had no idea there was such a thing as Sony rewards. Either way I also really want to see a big push with PSM, even just getting some Gameloft games like NOVA or Gangstar onto the Vita would be great, but then again I hardly have the space for anything new on my -expensive- 4gb card.

    • Pretty sure it’s US only anyway.

  2. Seems like they haven’t thought it through fully. Personally if I was emailed about this from Sony I wouldn’t do a thing. I’m not going to go to my friends and say buy a Vita, you can do this, that and the other. Either they want one or they don’t. If they do I wouldn’t expect someone to buy one, as I have said before, £200+ is value but it isn’t a likely amount of money to spend these days.

  3. I would recommend it to friends family anyway.

  4. LMFAO

    I`m sorry, i`d love to write about why this is so funny to me but im virtually in hysterics here.
    Its a great device no doubts but for some reason this is making me think Avon Ladies in Sony shirts…..


  5. Hey guise the Vita is great, did you get one? then… erm I don’t know figure it out for yourselves!! *runs*

  6. Horrid marketing. Cringeworthy.

    Also, it’s worded like they’re aiming it at kids, which leads me to believe they’ve forgotten it’s more than £200.

  7. I bloody love my Vita, It’s possibly my favourite console of all time with PS3 and N64 in second and third

  8. I just don’t get why it’s doing so badly, while it’s true that their aren’t many new AAA titles coming out, the ones that are out are pretty cheap on amazon etc (usually 25-35 quid) and are often as big and content ruch as the home consle versions.

    You can also get a very diverse assortment of games ranging from ps one classics. PSN donloads, psp games and PS mobile tiles for pretty cheap aswell.

    Taking the above into account and the fact that the console isn’t THAT expensive considering all the stuff it can do I would’ve thought it would’ve been more appealing in these tough economic times compared to ipads and stuff like that.

    I can pretty much garauntee that anyone that spends half an hour with one will instantly fall in love with it

  9. Sorry Sony but I wouldn’t want to ruin my friendships by telling them to buy a Vita

  10. It’ll probably only apply at Sony recommended outlets that sell at the full RRP price, hence no real saving for the ‘ex-friend……but you can be sure that there will be a lot of people that stalk their friends into submission!!

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