Terraria Arriving On PSN and XBLA Next Month

Terraria’s console publisher 505 Games has released a new trailer for the title (as noted by Tuff earlier in the week), including in the description a mention that the game is due “next month” – given that it was uploaded on Wednesday sometime, then we can pretty safely say that means February.

The trailer (which we’ve helpfully embedded below) shows off some of the new features in the console version of the game including reworked controls, four-player split-screen and eight-player online play, and new armour, weapons, enemies, and even a new final boss.

Terraria is an indie adventure and exploration game, much in the vein of Minecraft but from a 2D perspective. The original PC version’s developers Re-Logic announced in February last year that they would not be producing any more content for the that version of the title, and 505 only has the rights for the console version, so unfortunately don’t expect to see any of the new content added back into the PC game retrospectively.

Source: YouTube, via Joystiq


  1. been looking forward to this one, and it’s coming to PS3 so the option to play multiplayer will be there. :)

    hopefully there’ll be a demo, so i can see how it handles with a pad.

    • doh!

      i forgot, if there’s an XBLA version it’ll have a demo.

  2. Four Player splitscreen coop? Yeah, I’m definitely getting that.

  3. None of it for the PC version.. darn it.

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