News Snatch: Aliens, Minions, Q-Force Vita and Zowie Bowie

First up: a new trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines has been released which shows off the multiplayer component. A season pass has also been priced in the US: $30 will get you $40 worth of DLC. The trailer aims to show off the ‘tactical’ aspects of multiplayer.

The World Of Warcraft movie has got a new director and it is the rather fantastic Duncan Jones. He is the chap behind Moon, one of my favourite films of all time, and the slightly more mainstream Source Code. At this point (even thought he’s probably sick to death of it) I am obliged to mention than Duncan was previously known as Zowie Bowie and is David Bowie’s son.

The Asian PlayStation blog has revealed 18 new ‘minions’ for PlayStation All Stars Battleship Potemkin. The minions are unlockable characters who dance about in the background after reaching Rank 8 with a character. They are:

Ashelin (Jak & Daxter), Buzz (Buzz), Carmelita (Sly Cooper), Polyphemus and the Colossus of Rhodes (God of War), Elena (Uncharted), Eucadian Soldier (Warhawk), Kuro (Doko Demo Essyo), Lil (Escape Plan), Logan Graves (Starhawk), Lucy Kuo (inFAMOUS), Mr. Grimm (Twisted Metal) Ninja and Pirate (Fat Princess), Rico and Visari (Killzone), Suzuki (Hot Shots Golf) and The Professor (Ape Escape).

It’s almost here! You can could almost touch it, if it were not entirely digital and only exist inside computers as a series of electrical pulses. The PS3 Skyrim DLC has passed certification at Sony America and the European versions are being finalised.

ahahPatch Snatch: Bioware have patched the PS3 version of Mass Effect 3 with a wide ranging fix that solves a ginormous, spectacular two problems! Yes! Two! Or TWO if you are EA! TWO problems! One! TWO! Ah ah ahh! I love to count! Ah ah ah!

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct has had its US release date moved from March 26th to a week earlier, March 19th. This has absolutely nothing to do with BioShock Infinite also being released on March 26th. Nothing.

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Everyone loves a good line chart so here is one from Nintendo’s financial briefing which shows sales of the Wii U floundering badly after launch. They also stayed pretty much flat during Christmas week, the time which saw a spike of sales for PS3 and Xbox 360.

What has happened to the Vita version of Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal (a.k.a. Q-Force)? It was meant to be on the PS Store yesterday but never arrived.  Gamers pestered Insomniac (who have nothing to do with the Vita version) who are just as annoyed as everyone else. This was spotted on their Facebook page but has since been deleted:

“Insomniac cannot make any comment about the game. We have repeatedly asked Sony and Tin Giant for an update to share with our fans. They have not provided any update we are allowed to share.”

“We are sorry for any disappointment, but there is nothing we’ve authorized to release publicly. Trust us in that we share your frustration, and have been passing your comments on to Sony, we also advise you contact Sony directly to share your disappointment and frustration.”

And Finally, a new trailer for Injustice: Gods Amongst Us. Tata!


  1. Aliens is really starting to look like something special. Money restraints means I won’t be getting it day one, even after waiting what feels like a decade for the game.

    • Those sales of the Wii U are bad.

      • I doubt the Wii U sales are the reason for Origami Killer’s money woes ;-)

      • hmmm yes, slightly confused by Klart’s reply to my comment!

  2. i read about Duncan Jones getting the Warcraft gig, Moon was fantastic, i’ve not seen Source Code though, so i have high hopes for the movie.

    good to see progress is still being made on the movie, it seemed to have stalled for a while there

    i had no idea he was Bowie’s son though, i guess talent runs in the family.

    have you seen the video for Bowie’s new song?
    the song’s pretty good, strange, but good.
    the video is quite mental though.

    so now they’ve revealed something about the story of Injustice, but i still want to how does somebody like Catwoman stand a chance against the likes of Superman or Wonder Woman?

    just how do they plan to balance such wildly different power levels?

    • The same way Fat Princess stands a chance against Kratos. ;-)

  3. From what I can see from that chart, Sony kicked MS and Ninty’s butt at Xmas in Europe and not a word is said.

  4. how can they make a movie out of a MMO it won’t work…

    • The same way the made a movie out of Transformers and Street Fighter – completely ignore the original history and rich backstory and make up a load of new shit.

    • they made a movie out of a disney theme park ride, and it was actually pretty damn good, so who knows.

    • Easy, ignore the source, get Anderson, Bay or Boll to direct it and treat the fans like crap. As it works for the Resi films and Transformers. That said, POTC was based on a ride and is a fantastic trilogy, the third was a bit naff and i’ve not seen the 4th one. But then again, Battleship was just a micheal bay gets too much cash thus explosions, bad dialogue, a sexy female lead(most likely, as MB does that), explosions, dubstep.

      They could base it on the pre-mmo games.

  5. A film based on a MMO which is not known for it’s plot is a thing. And they expect it to be a success. Right. It won’t work and even if they make up their plot, the fans will turn their backs on it unless it’s excellent. The Resi films did borrow elements but from 3 onwards, made no sense and are generally crap. The films from 3 onwards are i mean. So this will bomb harder then the Super Mario movie.

    Knowing SCEE, the Skyrim DLC won’t be out untill a few months after the original release date due to some bullish reason. I don’t envy their PR department if that happens.

    • Actually, I thought Bob Hoskins as Mario was amazing, And the Mexican Luigi was good too. I may have been on something when I watched it though

  6. Someone email insomniac and see when Sony is releasing the Skyrim DLC.


  8. Duncan Jones is a great director.

    Moon was monumental & Source Code was tres exciting.

  9. Count for the win!

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