Clicker Hunting In Sony’s The Last Of Us

The Last Of Us is looking great, and this video (via OPM) – a two minute slice of the game showing off the stealthy requirements needed to take down a Clicker – cements that.

Clickers are an advanced (actually the second, ahead of Runners) stage of infection, and because they’re blind they have to use echo location to find you in the darkness. That means you can only move when they’re not clicking.


If you don’t mind some spoilers, we’ve today found out that the Last Of Us is set 20 years after the initial infection, and although previous screens have shown Joel and Ellie together, the game starts with Joel and Tess, who are smugglers.

Ellie is one of the duo’s ‘jobs’, and Joel and Tess need to transport her to safety.

Curiously, and this sounds a bit ‘gamey’ to us, Joel has a special skill which makes everything black and white and visualises everything around him that would normally just be audio. It can be used to pick out the enemy, and is called ‘listening’ mode.

The 3rd stage of infection was detailed this morning, and sounds deadly.

Another video shows nine minutes of gameplay:



  1. “Triangle to Shiv” – the new “X to Jason”?

  2. My god I want this so bad


    The end looks like when you die. I believe there will be a way to counteract this because I couldn’t see Joel coming back from a bite that bad.

    • Or they just die and they go back to a checkpoint?

  4. Torchy bits in games make me poop!

    As good as the game looks, (and it looks great) Still can’t help but feel its just a revamped Uncharted. Not gonna stop me buying it tho. (although the torchy bits might)

  5. That clicking sent shivers down my spine every time I heard it.

  6. I’m so looking forward to this & with GTA V coming out in Autumn……..2013’s not looking too shabby after all.

  7. man this game looks so good.

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