The Last Of Us’ Deadly Enemy Types Revealed

Sony’s last big exclusive PS3 game, The Last Of Us, is out this May. Developed by Naughty Dog, it’s a tense, surival horror / action adventure cross with two main protagonists: Joel and Ellie, and it’s widely anticipated by the PlayStation owning fanbase.

Last week the game was demoed to press in Los Angeles, and whilst previews are expected later this morning, one has already gone live. It’s short, but the write-up from The Globe And Mail (yep) sounds glowing and promising.


Most interestingly is the discussion of the various types of the infected. “The fungal infection takes control of human bodies in stages,” says the preview. “Stage one victims, what Tess and I call Runners, are not in control of their actions. The last vestiges of the people they once were can only be sensed in their cries of pain and anguish as the fungus makes them chase after new hosts for spores.”

“Stage three infected are referred to as Clickers because the creatures, barely recognizable as former humans, navigate by echolocation. Runners may be fast, but at least you can punch your way out of their clutches. If a Clicker touches you, you’re infected. Game over.”

One hit kills? That sounds fantastic.

“Scavenging supplies, like blades and binding, alcohol and rags, sugar and explosive materials, is critical to survival. As is crafting those raw materials into things like medical kits, shivs, upgraded wood planks and crowbars. Ammunition for firearms is scarce, so I used melee and stealth attacks whenever I could,” continues the all too brief text.

A demo of the game will be available with God Of War Ascension.



  1. The Clicker thing sounds interesting. (pun semi-intended)

  2. Did anyone else when they first read the first lines of the headline thought it said The Last Of Us Delayed lol

  3. Game of the year people. Trust…

  4. One hit kill enemies – unless you pay a $1.99 microtransaction to de-infect! YAY!


    • ha ha, please don’t….

    • …and for $4.99 you can buy a scavenger bot so you don’t even need to go near the infected…

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