God Of War: Ascension To Feature Exclusive The Last Of Us Demo

Great news for PlayStation 3 fans, especially those wanting to play the console’s biggest game this year early. TheSixthAxis can reveal that, at least in Europe, anyone buying God Of War: Ascension on Blu-ray will also get access to a free playable demo of Naughty Dog’s great looking The Last Of Us.

The demo will be exclusive to those picking up Ascension, at least at first. The demo will – according to the information we’ve been given – be bundled with the Blu-ray for God Of War but it’s likely it’ll be a demo that you’ll need to download.


The Last Of Us is one of the PS3’s most ambitious games, coming from the studio responsible for the wonderful Uncharted series. God Of War: Ascension is also hotly anticipated, with the story going back to Kratos’ roots and setting up the rest of the series.

Sony Europe announced special editions of The Last Of Us earlier this week, with the versions being split into two packages with slightly different content – one themed on each key protagonist in the game, and available from different retailers depending on which one you wanted: Joel or Ellie. The Last Of Us is due in May.

More details of what the demo will entail are expected to be revealed on the PlayStation Blog after God of War is released, which makes us think the demo won’t be available on day one, oddly.

God Of War: Ascension is out on March 15th.



  1. Cool I guess….

  2. Well now I have 1 more reason to pre-order!

  3. Meh. Want The Last Of Us more than anything, but I won’t be buying God Of War to play a demo.

    Actually, I don’t want to play a demo of TLOU at all, for fear that it will spoil part of the full game.

  4. Wait what is the biggest game on console God of war or Last of us? ;)

    • I’ll give you a clue – It has absolutely nothing to do with Kratos. ;)

      • Lol ha! My Spartans are offended, we shall avenge this moment

    • God of War by a mile

      Sales to date:
      God of War – Squillions
      Last of Us – Zero, zip, zilch

  5. Oh right. I was expecting some super amazing news from all the buzz on twitter. What’s the cool thing to say here? “Meh”?

    • Yeah, I was slightly (read: completely) underwhelmed when I read this after the Twitter buzz.
      I’m not going to buy GoW for the demo… I’m not THAT desperate! :P

  6. The only thing that will interest me on my God of War: Ascension disc will be God of War: Ascension.

  7. nice bonus.

  8. I’ll actively avoid it as I want no spoilers for The Last Of Us.

  9. Hope this isn’t the only way to play the demo, I want to try it before I buy.

  10. considering these exclusive demos usually make it to the PSN demo section a few weeks or months later doesn’t make me want to pay full game price just to play it sooner.

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