Ni No Kuni Tops UK Sales Charts

Namco’s Ni No Kuni is this week’s best selling videogame. The game, which we talked about in some detail here, is a beautiful looking Level 5 developed role playing game with oodles of simply gorgeous Studio Ghibli animation thrown in.

“We expected good sales as the pre orders were close to shipment,” said Namco Bandai’s UK marketing director Lee Kirton. “In the end we have created a demand for this amazing game and have stock going out to channels this week.


“We have focused PR, marketing and the community has been brilliant. We have been solid with communication and reviews in the UK have been astonishing. We are very pleased, but ultimately it’s down to an incredible game from Level 5 and some strong communication from me and my team.”

Last week the game suffered from a broken download on the PlayStation Store, with many gamers frustrated at not being able to play the game despite several lengthy downloads. That issue is now fixed and the downloads (and pre-orders) are working fine.

Downloads aren’t counted in the official UK sales charts.



  1. good to see a quality original game top the charts for once.

  2. Addition to title: *Deservedly

  3. Glad my contribution to such a beauty paid off

  4. It actually sold out over here in Cork.

    Mind you, there’s only two places that were likely to sell it since HMV and GAME shut down- Gamestop and Smyths (Toy Shop). Both were sold out well before 4pm on release day when I went looking for a copy.

    This never happened before, but now it’s the 2nd time I’ve gone looking for a new game in the charts to find it had sold out (Need for Speed on Vita being the other game, which Gamestop still haven’t gotten back in).

    It really does look as though retail sales of games are at an end here, and it’s disappointing to say the least.

    • Same here in the arse end of Glasgow. No Gamestation anymore. No stock in Tesco, and Asda & Argos don’t seem to have got any in at all. Those are the only local options now for games too.

      • You guys should try living in Turkey :) Where the best option for disc is almost always the sexy art of importing. I received my copy on the 1st thanks to hkofferhouse shipping it 10 days early.

  5. No wonder mun, it’s flipping tidy en’t it!

    • Haha, it really is!
      Now that I think about it, I haven’t seend any adverts for this game whatsoever. My brother only knew about it because I told him about it. Needless to say, both of us are extremely happy with our purchase. 7 Hours into the game and I can’t wait to spend more time playing it.

  6. Waiting patiently now. Couldn’t find anywhere in stock so I’ve got it downloading using a couple of cheap PSN cards.
    Anywhere that did have it seemed to be charging sillier money than the store. Play or Amazon have it for 57 quid.

    • Wow, 60 quid ad while it’s only 50€ on Usually it’s the other way around. Luckily I still had a 50€ gift card and only had to pay 10€ to get a copy from that store.

      • It’s £37.99 on if bought directly from them, they’re out of stock at the minute though so 60 quid is the price to get it from an Amazon Marketplace-registered seller. But nice work getting it for €10!

      • Ah, I thought that was the case but too lazy to actually check it myself.
        My brother and I kept our gift cards just for this occasion. Usually I don’t buy games in Germany because I prefer to play them in English but I knew Ni No Kuni gave me the option anyways so it was a no brainer.

  7. Just great!

  8. This should be remembered when people say only triple A blockbuster mega-advertised games can sell these days.

    • Oh and the PS store download problem hasn’t been fully fixed. There’s plenty of people posting on the forum over the weekend who are getting ignored by support or fobbed off. The threads up to 128 pages now.

      • I’ve read that Sony put up a second download that patches the first download.

      • The problem seemed to be that there was no definitive statement on it so it was all a bit Chinese whispers.

  9. Fantastic news. Charming demo and something that looks different to anything I’ve seen on the consoles as of recent.

  10. Tidy! I’m playing it now see, and I already love it after just a couple of hours. A serious GOTY contender this ‘ere is mun!

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