Rumour: PS Vita Getting First Birthday Sale In Europe

Although Sony have removed the page in question, it looks like the Vita will be treated to a first birthday sale on the PSN Store soonish. Picked up across the web, the now defunct page listed a few games that would be on sale, although no sale prices had been applied.

The games listed apparently were:

  • Asphalt Injection
  • Dungeon Hunter Alliance
  • Lumines
  • Michael Jackson the experience (really?)
  • Rayman Origins
  • Army Corps of Hell
  • Touch my Katamari
  • Ridge Racer Ultimate Edition
  • Shinobido 2
  • Tales from Space
  • F1 2011
  • A Men
  • Blaz Blue
  • Street Fighter X Tekken

The Vita was released on the 22nd of February here in Europe, so it’s likely that the page will be back up and running a few days before then. A few days? The 20th? Possibly. Without seeing what the deals are yet it’s impossible to see how great the sale is, but it’s a wide range of games at least.



  1. Why can’t they have first birthday sales for the Memory Cards? the darn things to me seem to be so neglected from Sony theres hardly any care about them. They’ve done nothing since the Vita Launch. Pathetic.

    • Nah, they have done a thing with the MC’s; they released ‘m recently with a free DLgame on top.

  2. Lol, I saw this, that explains why I didn’t think much of the sale prices.

  3. So it looks like the sale will have launch games… So were are the good games like: Escape Plan,Uncharted,Wipeout 2048,Hustle Kings,Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus,Plants VS Zombies,VT4 or post launch games:Unit 13,Disgea 3 andPure Chess.

    If this is the only games that will be on sale that it’s very uninteresting

    • isn’t Wipeout and NG the next games on PS plus? I’m not really fussed with the others but however I’d have liked to see Disgaea on sale. Dood.

      • No, it’s Wipeout on the 13th and Lumines on the 20th.

        Ninja Gaiden is for US PS+.

      • damn.

  4. The PS blog staff have been telling us a decent vita sale is on the way since before Xmas.

    • Indeed, although the games above don’t look much and I have quite a few of them too. Would definitely pick up SFxT and maybe shinobido if the price is right.

      I personally would enjoy Unit 13 to get a discount.

      Did you guys (TSA staff) get a peep at the prices or was it just the names?

      • There were no prices mate. Just a list of games.

  5. I’d only be interested in Uncharted but it’s not part of the sale…

    • It’s free for plus, I’m guessing you not one!

      • Knowing my gaming “schedule”, my Plus subscription would run out by the time I’ve platinumed Ni No Kuni… ^^

    • There is a Plus discount soon [again], there will be 3 months for £7.99.

  6. I hope they drop the price to a reasonable one for Dungeon hunter.It’s always an “experience” with Michael jackson.

  7. Saw the title and thought it was the console getting a sale but it’s not. :(

  8. I’d pick up Blazblue if it goes on sell, been wanting it for ages so would finally have an excuse to buy it

  9. If F1 is cheap I’ll pick that up. Otherwise nothing there for me. But hey, this is speculation that a list of games may be reduced with no prices, so you know, whatevs.

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