Supposed North Korean Propaganda Video Uses Modern Warfare 3 Footage

The Call of Duty series is rarely without controversy just behind it, but this video – apparently a North Korean Propaganda video – uses footage from the game’s striking New York attack sequence as part of a rather floaty dream scene.

Picked up by LiveLeak, the video was seemingly uploaded at the weekend, and is just days ahead of the country’s supposed nuclear test, as reported by the Guardian today. It was Kotaku that linked the footage of New York to Activision’s shooter.


“Somewhere in the United States, black clouds of smoke are billowing,” says the North Korean text, at least according to the translations currently floating around the internet after the video was found. That’s troubling, at the very least. But is this real?



  1. loving the sub header :)

  2. So this earlier, had to chuckle at this. What are the DPRK actually thinking when they do stuff like this.

  3. Why does the guy have a Japanese made camera next to his bed. Shouldn’t it be a quality North Korean brand such as… Hmm.

  4. “We are the world” – o.O

  5. Homefront anyone?

    North Korea doing their international image good as usual. I’m sure the Americans are loving this video.

  6. Seems a bit fishy. I wonder if they cockled up or if they did it on purpose? I swear they are trying to prevoke the Americans. Wonder if Acti will sue NK for unauthorised use of their content?

  7. It’s difficult to take them as a serious threat when this is their propaganda. It’s not quite Helghast, but we should still take them serious. I can’t help but feel sorry for the normal inhabitants.

    • well, they may, or may not, have nuclear capability, you gotta take that seriously.

  8. those crazy communists. o_O

  9. Not sure shopping centre music really sells the whole “we are a world superpower” experience.

  10. The leaders of DPRK are a lot further divorced from reality than i thought.

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