Take-Two Will Have “Extraordinary Offerings” For Next Gen

Take-Two Interactive’s earnings call is currently ongoing, but the publisher has just announced that they’ll have an “extraordinary array of offerings” for the next generation of consoles, when they finally arrive. The company publishes the Grand Theft Auto range of games.

From the questions being asked during the conference call it’s clear that generation fatigue has well and truly set in within certain quarters.


“We can’t talk about next gen,” came one reply. “We’re not the ones to talk about it first. We’re all excited about the possibilities and working diligently on them.”

Take-Two also mentioned that September was looking like a solid date for Grand Theft Auto V, which was recently delayed from Spring to later in the year. Rockstar went to some lengths to ensure that it was purely to ensure the game was as good as it can be.

“We think it’s going to blow people away at a level people don’t anticipate,” said Take-Two. “The delay is required to deliver what people expect. September’s an open field and a great window. For next gen, nothing’s been announced yet, but assuming new consoles are coming, it’ll be a light install base initially.”

Naturally every publisher will soon be hyping up what they’re up to, but Take-Two hold some great licenses, including the Mafia range. I’m sure I saw a rumour recently that hinted that Mafia III might be revealed sooner rather than later.

The publisher reported non-GAAP net revenue growth of 71% to $405.0 Million in their third quarter. They also said, during the call, that Facebook “could be a great platform”. Shudder.



  1. “Extraordinary”. So Bioshock then.

  2. I wonder whether next-gen games will have this-gen versions too.

    I guess Microsoft will dump 360 like they did with the original, but PS3 has been so full of awesomeness surely it will be supported for many years to come. When I mean supported, I don’t mean in a PSP kind of way, I mean new release games. So much anticipation for the 8th gen I’m enjoying this enough.

  3. Agent? Was it revealed whether Take Two were involved in that or were Sony publishing it? Either way, c’mon, Agent.

  4. I’d like to see a Mafia 3 announcement

  5. Wow, “extraordinary” ….sounds like something Don Draper could have said. Extraordinary is such a hollow term, especially when someone tries to sell you stuff. It could be my age, but I see through such BS.

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