Dead Space 3 Resources Exploit Found

Much has been written about Dead Space 3’s microtransactions – especially the one that lets you cash in real money for in game resources – but it looks like the column inches are about to cease after an exploit was discovered. Some of you may well be more than happy about that.

The video contains mild spoilers, so don’t view until you’re done with the game (or at least up to the eighth section), but it does appear that once place in the game has a respawning item, which can be can farmed repeatedly so that you should be able to afford whatever you like in the game.


The video explains it all.

Via Destructoid.



  1. That’s funny as f**k, awesome karma!

  2. Bought the first 2 games on Steam for a fiver each and quite enjoyed them, was planning on picking this up for a similar price but without a Steam release its unlikely I’ll be playing it.

    Got a sneaking suspicion that Aliens: Colonial Marines will be a better game.


    i wonder if they’ll actually punish players for taking advantage of this.

  4. Serves themselves right,they should’ve spotted this in Q+A.That’s what happens when you rush a game out and think fuck it give it a day one patch.Either that or someone messed up,if that’s the case i can see someone having microtransactions taken from their wages for the foreseeable future.

  5. News of the Day this is. No doubt EA will address this and hide the fix behind a patch that “improves stability”, but now that its out there it’ll be harder for EA to sell resources. Sad thing is some people will decide that farming takes too long and still buy the resource/DLC packs.

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