Dead Space 3 Resources Exploit Found

Much has been written about Dead Space 3’s microtransactions – especially the one that lets you cash in real money for in game resources – but it looks like the column inches are about to cease after an exploit was discovered. Some of you may well be more than happy about that.

The video contains mild spoilers, so don’t view until you’re done with the game (or at least up to the eighth section), but it does appear that once place in the game has a respawning item, which can be can farmed repeatedly so that you should be able to afford whatever you like in the game.

The video explains it all.

Via Destructoid.


  1. No doubt EA will patch that and stop it from respawning.

    • Don’t install the patch?

      • Damn you, automatic PS+ patching!!

        *shakes fist*

      • That’s an option for some, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they block co-op play or other things until you update to the latest version.

        Personally, I’m boycotting the game because of the whole micro-transaction greed and the fact that it’s not releasing on Steam.

      • as long as EA doesn’t wipe your save file you can always farm, farm, farm , save and then update. Theres not alot of updates that require new saves.

  2. Karma is a bitch :)

  3. at the end of the day its still kind of cheating. I like the idea of being low on recources etc. It adds tension to the game and this is how i intend to play it. No glitches and no micro transactions

    • I agree with McProley and it is no fun at all!
      I believe there will be an Update on launch =/

    • Quite amusing if it’s in the original game (pre-patch) as everyone can just avoid installing the latest patches!

      But still, as you say, I shall not cheat either – why would I ruin the experience, when I paid £30-£40 for it.

    • I agree with the idea of managing resources equals fun, but farming can’t be considered cheating, at least not any more than paying to win vis IAPs

  4. Finally the whining can come to an end.

    • Whining over what. It’s shocking what they are doing. If you think its ok for EA to do what they have done with this game then you are one of those who help keep publishers thinking its ok to do it.

      • Yes, I do think it is OK, as long as it is optional.
        THQ tried to be the good guy and we all know how that turned out for them.

      • As do I. It’s not pretty but as we say, it’s entirely optional. Until a game becomes too hard without purchasing MT’s then I’m happy to avoid them.

      • Oops missed a bit out there. When I said “Until a game becomes too hard without purchasing MT’s then I’m happy to avoid them.” I actually meant, untill a game becomes too hard to complete without MT’s I’m fine with them. If they make a game purposely difficult without MT’s then I’ll be angry.

        But as I know of (so please correct me if wrong) there has been no games that have MT’s or DLC were imperitive.

      • the problem is, once people start excepting it as the norm and say they will just avoid it, it will then become mainstream. Unless you nip it in the bud early on. It will become more than the norm and next time you will find micro transactions at every point in the game.

        It’s a bit like DLC, which was very rare in most games, now games come out and advertise DLC before launch (Deep Space 3) to come out a month after it comes out. It’s wrong and people who buy it are making it worse. If that’s how you want gaming to go, then by all means carry on, but I don’t. Infact I’ve hardly bought any DLC at all this Gen because I think its a con.

      • I know exactly what you mean. However, I honestly believe that we are not the average gamer. I have plenty of pals who think DLC is the bees knees and I’m sure they will think just the same about MT’s.

        I also have avoided DLC mostly. So therefor it hasn’t affected me in the slightest. Despite what people say, DLC is usually an add on. There isn’t a huge amount of DLC that continues a story. Most is background to a story or something entirely different like MP. Therefor it isn’t a neccesity to be in the game from the get go.

        I’m just rambling on now so I’ll stop.

      • ” once people start excepting it as the norm and say they will just avoid it, it will then become mainstream.”

        I’m not sure I get your logic. You’re saying people start ignoring it and companies will go on with it? I’m pretty sure if everyone was ignoring DLC so that the companies wouldn’t make money off of it, they would stop doing it, but that’s obviously not the case. That means the general public is happy to buy it despite all the controversy. You can hate it as much as you want but as long as it is 100% optional to the course of the original game, you will be in the minority.

  5. Karma in action or did Visceral games ‘accidentally’ miss that in testing? Either way it is hilarious.

  6. A part of me hopes that Visceral left this in on purpose, but they probably didn’t, it’s just a glitch. Still hilarious though. Karma EA, do you like it?

  7. It’s Dead Space tradition to have these little exploits – to the point I’m thinking they are really just Easter eggs ;)
    I can still remember exploiting the infamous node glitch on DS2 during my second play through to unlock the maxed out achievements :D

    • Yeh and there was an infinite money glitch in the original. Something to do with a door opening and closing with your stasis holding chips.

  8. Ha ha, nice to see a bug that helps the player for once. I bet those “19yr old smartphone gamers who want it all now” will be happy with this!

  9. ha ha ha, use it as they will patch that up asap

  10. I would just like to humbly say … I TOLD YOU SO! MUAHAHAHA! (ref my Dead ‘Space 3′s Microtransactions Priced’ comment).
    While they were amusing glitches before, it feels like ‘justice’ having it again in this one.

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