Rumour: LittleBigPlanet 3 In Development At Sumo Digital

Whether it’s for the PlayStation Vita or indeed the PlayStation 4, it’s likely that Sony are working on another LittleBigPlanet game. That much is obvious. However, rumours surfacing this afternoon suggest that Sheffield-based Sumo Digital are behind what VG247 are calling LittleBigPlanet 3.


The site also claims that the online portion of LittleBigPlanet 2 has become a “no man’s land” due to an increase in “death threats, hate speech, stalking, hacking and cyber-bullying”.

Sumo was formed from Infogrames and Gremlin staff, and was set up in 2003. There are currently 170 staff working at the studio, and have put out the likes of Sonic Racing, Outrun Online Arcade and, as you’ll know, the recent Cross Controller patch for LittleBigPlanet 2. That makes them a nice fit.

The recent LittleBigPlanet for PS Vita was perhaps the most complete of the bunch, with superb touch screen controls and a wildly inventive, open Create mode. If LittleBigPlanet 3 is for Vita, we’ll be happy, but if it’s for PS4? Well, chalk up another reason to dive into next-gen.



  1. Probably be PS3. Suits the market Sony goes for at the end of a console generation, should be pretty “cheap” to do, and a big install base to sell the game to.

    PS3 is my guess.

    • Possibly, I guess. It might also be a spin-off.

  2. A bit of a surprise that Media Molecule arnt working on this of true. Makes me think “What are Mm up to?”

    • Tearaway

      • They are working on more then Tearaway.

    • Mm said a while back that they were no longer doing LBP.

      • When I read that a while back, I thought it was “We are not currently working on anything LBP related” rather than “We no longer work on LBP”. My mistake. Sorry.

  3. Good to leave LBP in the hands of other developers whilst MM work on new stuff, not everything they make while be a blockbuster franchise but who knew that LBP would be a big money maker?

    Shocked about the culture of the online at the moment, that is outrageous. Its a freaking family game about making levels. No loss if you get a bad level, people need to relax.

    • Its not because of bad levels, typical internet hate dwells in the community.

    • No, it’s just the community are saying the devs/pubs are too hands off when it comes to moderation.

      Which, considering Sony’s target demographic for the game is atrocious.

      All user content needs active moderation, that’s the nature of the beast.

  4. Could be LBP Karting for Vita based on their previous games.

    Maybe a new LBP game that isn’t a true sequel. How about an actual smah bros type game (not PSASBR) where Sackboy is the only character but you use costumes (which comes with various skill sets) of classic plsystation characters.

    • Kind of like Disney Universe?

      • A little. Writer liked that game, although it was still far from perfect

  5. err, what the heck is going on, online? death threats over a fucking game?

    • Aye. I love the nonsense we can get up to online but this supposed anonymity brings out the most disgusting sides of human nature.

      Jesus… what’s wrong with people? :-\

    • Yeah… its ridiculous, my friends makes Spyro and Sonic costumes but she occasionally gets trolls. The LBP2 community… is awful simple as that.

      • Amazing that they’re burying their head in the sands, given the LBP’s stature at bringning families to PlayStation.

        Seems they want the sales, they want to churn out all the stuff people buy, but they don’t want to put the work in that a user created product needs.

  6. That’s exactly what i was thinking wtf is happening man,more importantly how is it still going on?
    Anyway back on topic,regardless what platform this game is for lets hope they put decent music in this time as lbp2 was quichè.

  7. Is the online side of the game not monitored then, surely these people making threats etc should get banned?

  8. I’m kinda worried for LBP regarding gameplay. What more different can they do as a 2D platformer.. Like I can’t bring myself to play much of the levels and DLC content since I find it so dull.

    I’m kinda hoping its next gen so that we might see LBP3 being 3D. Then people can copy the infamous Fire temple from Rayman 2.. (oh gawd…) No the final one with the Super Helicopter power D:

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